Apex Legends Habitat Arenas map – All Points of Interest (POIs)

These nature walks are becoming much more action-packed lately.

Apex Legends

Image via Respawn Entertainment

During the Dark Depths event in Apex Legends, players can play on a brand new arena map called Habitat. The Leviathan-occupied area was made specifically to allow players to fight in a natural environment created for a Leviathan breeding ground. The waterfall and running streams through the map have morphed the fighting area into what you see. Here are the Points of Interest you need to look out for when playing on Habitat.

There are only two Points of Interest on Habitat; considering this is a small arena-based map, that’s not surprising. Both areas are on opposite sides of the map and have raised ground over the center area.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

First, the Cave is an enclosed area that houses some Flyers inside. While looking from the outside in will be like shooting into a fortress, there is not a lot of cover on the inside portion. The area will be great for close to mid-range combat, so be ready for a brawl if you encounter enemies here. If you need to escape quickly, use the waterway, which can lead to the other Point of Interest, the Nest.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

As you may have guessed, the Nest is a POI that features Leviathan eggs. These massive boulder-like masses make for a good source of cover in this more open area. Don’t worry; they cannot be destroyed. Here, you will want to focus on mid to long-range battles and make use of the ziplines for speedy entrances or exits into the Nest.