Apex Legends Heirloom Set Unlock Guide | How To Get The Wraith’s Heirloom Set

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s new Apex Legends is packed with items and rewards to earn during the games. Among these is the rare Heirloom set by Wraith’s family: in this mini-guide, we will explain everything you need to know to get it.

In the game, there is currently an heirloom family set that contains three cosmetic items for Wraith: a skin for the melee weapon, a pose, and an intro. When a player opens an Apex Pack, there is less than 1% chance of finding a family heirloom set.

Apex Legends: How to unlock the Wraith’s Heirloom?

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The release of the family heirloom set does not take away Apex Packs from the player’s inventory. Also, it will not be possible to craft this set with the creation metals, nor open more than 500 Apex Packs without receiving a family Heirloom set, provided the player does not already own all the available sets.

Here’s the current probabilities list for items in Apex Packs.

  • Rare or better item – 100%
  • Epic of a better item – 24.8%
  • Legendary item – 7.4%

Respawn Entertainment also stated the difficulty in finding the heirloom in its FAQs.

Apex Legends How to recover Wraith's Heirloom Guide

Every cloud has a silver lining though! Much like how you’re guaranteed a legendary cosmetic in every 30 Apex Crates you open, an heirloom set is guaranteed to drop once in every 500 crates. This means you could get it on your first or your 500th crate, but as long as you open 500 total crates, you are going to get one heirloom set. If you own all of the heirloom sets in the game though, this won’t apply anymore because it’s impossible to earn duplicates in Apex Legends.

Since a crate costs 100 Apex Coins, and you can buy 1,000 Apex Coins for £8, it means that one crate costs 80p. Multiply that by 500, and you’re only guaranteed an heirloom set for every £400 you spend. Value!

Once all of the family heirloom sets are obtained, players will no longer be able to use this bonus until more sets are added to the game. Finding one will be above all a matter of luck since they can only be obtained by opening the Apex Packs. Recall that the latter are packages containing cosmetic items or creation currencies. They can be purchased with real money in the in-game store, or obtained as a reward by leveling up (you can get a maximum of 45 Apex Packs, from level 1 to level 100).

What does the heirloom contain?

Apex Legends How to recover Wraith's Heirloom Guide

The Wraith’s Heirloom contains a beautiful new banner pose, a skin for the melee weapon of the character and an intro that enriches the character’s story.

Finding the heirloom is not at all simple, so good research and enjoyment!