Apex Legends Stats Tracker Guide | How To Track Your Stats

Apex Legends has been released for a few days, and despite being very intuitive and immediate, many players have wondered if and how you can track their statistics as kills earned and some games won. Apex Legends does not currently offer a full ranking feature where you can compare the total stats with the statistics of the other players. At the moment the game uses only trackers for each Legend.

For example, if you earn 30 kills with Lifeline, you will not be able to view the kills earned with a different character at the same time.

Are you confused? Do not worry; we have prepared a guide for you on how to monitor your statistics on Apex Legends.

How to Track Your Stats in Apex Legends

As explained above, Apex Legends does not have an immediate and straightforward way to track your statistics as a classic ranking or a detailed player profile. Players can only keep track of individual statistics for each Legend they have used. These statistics do not transfer from character to character, meaning that a character’s stats will not be displayed with a different character.

Apex Legends Stat Tracker How to Track Your Stats

To avoid this problem, many players will choose only one Legend as the main character to keep all their statistics stable, such as total kills. In the future maybe Respawn Entertainment could add a simple method of tracking overall statistics, but until then the best way is to observe the individual statistics of each Legend played and calculate the total value manually.

How to View and Change Stats Trackers in Apex Legends

To view your stats in Apex Legends, you’ll need to select the “Legends” tab from the home screen. Inside the Legends tab, select the Legend you use the most and open the customization menu. Inside the customization menu, select the “Banners” tab, then interact with one of the Tracker tabs near the bottom.

In Apex Legends, you can attach three different Trackers to your character banner, though you can scroll through and view all of the tracking details for your Legend regardless of whether or not you’ve unlocked that tracker. The “Kills” tracker is unlocked by default. To unlock new stat trackers, you’ll either need to earn them by opening Apex Packs or purchase them using Crafting Metals (with most stat trackers priced at 30 Crafting Metals each).

Apex Legends Stat Tracker How to Track Your Stats

Other things you can change on your banner include your character’s pose, background, and Badges (as you meet the criteria to unlock them). Again, the easiest way to track your stats in Apex Legends is by using one Legend rather than switching between Legends as stats are tracked by Legend rather than by the player.

Additionally, when you select a Legend in the Legends tab, that’ll be the Legend and banner that’s displayed on your player profile. When a teammate selects the “inspect” option over your name and views your profile, they’ll see the Legend you’ve selected along with that Legend’s stats.

Apex Legends Stat Tracker How to Track Your Stat

You can unlock new stat trackers by earning them through Apex Packs or purchasing them in exchange for Crafting Metals in Apex Legends.

In the future, Respawn Entertainment will likely add a better way to track your total stats though nothing has been confirmed or announced. Until Respawn adds new tracking methods, you can view your stats by selecting your favorite Legend and interacting with the Tracker option. For a full total, be sure to add the stats of each Legend together.

If you have 30 kills with Bangalore and 10 kills with Wraith, your total kills are 40 even though you’ll only be able to display 30 kills by keeping Bangalore as your selected Legend. What do you think about the way Apex Legends tracks stats? Are you sad you can’t get a full tally to display on your profile, or do you only use one Legend making the point moot? Let us know down in the comments below!