Apex Legends Self-Revive Guide | Where To Find Legendary Knockdown Shield

Apex Legends

The latest battle royale game to hit the market is Apex Legends, developed by Respawn, and it hit the scene with a bang. Not only does it feature a colorful cast of characters, but dynamic gameplay only capable from the company who brought players the epic FPS mech battles of Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

How To Self-Revive In Apex Legends

Apex Legends also leans more towards being a squad-based shooter. You are not allowed to play the game by yourself (Solo), and in every match, you’re grouped with two other players to watch your back. However, if you find yourself getting downed by enemies, can you get back into the fight on your own if your team can’t help you?

Yes, you can! Unfortunately, you’re limited to only a single option that’s difficult to find.

Where To Find Legendary Knockdown Shield Location

The only way to pull yourself back up after getting knocked down is to locate the Legendary Knockdown Shield. In Apex Legends, a player pulls out their Knockdown Shield after they’ve fallen and can activate it to protect themselves from enemy fire for a short amount of time to last long while they wait for their teammates to arrive.

The Legendary version not only features a beefier shield, but it comes with the perk called “Resurrection,” which, you guessed it, allows you the opportunity to self-resurrect yourself. You can only use this perk once, and the ability gets used.

Unfortunately, you won’t find this item in a standard supply crate. You’ll have to pick it up from higher-tiered drop locations, a care package, or loot it on the corpse of someone who found it before you.


Whatever method you have to use, you’re going to need to lean on lady luck to give you a hand!