How To Mute Players in Apex Legends

Are you tired of hearing random players talking to you in Apex Legends? Thankfully, if you want a quiet night playing your game, you don’t have to listen to them, and you can still remain a productive member of the party. This battle royale game changed things up and created a ping system making it viable for teams never to have to use voice chat to communicate appropriately.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, there’s no way to turn off voice chat in Apex Legends’ setting menu. You can only turn off your squadmate’s voices when you’re at the start of the game. The best time to turn off voice chat is at the beginning of the game when you and your team are all flying above the battlefield, and the Jumpmaster hasn’t launched.

When you’re flying, you want to go into your Inventory menu screen. From PC you can do this by hitting tab, and on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you can do this by pressing the right menu button. In the Inventory screen, you’re going to see three tabs that read, “Inventory,” “Squad,” and “Legend” at the top. You want to switch over the “Squad” tab.

Muting Party Members

In the “Squad” tab you’re going to see three little icons underneath your teammate’s chosen legends. The three symbols stand for mute player voice, mute player ping, and mute player text, respectively. To mute another player’s voice chat, hover over the little speaker icon, and turn it off. You should no longer hear them throughout the rest of the game.

Unfortunately, you must return to this menu at the start of every game to ensure you do not hear your squad’s voice chat. While it’s frustrating, it gets the job done, and you can enjoy your evening attempting to become the next Apex Legends champion.