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Apex Legends

Shoot the enemies, stay inside the protective circle and revive your teammates who need help or have died in battle. These are the classic actions that are performed in Apex Legends and many other famous Battle Royale. So, what else is there to know? Much more.

We have already created a guide that will explain how to survive as much as possible and even win, but in the meantime, on Twitter, some users have started to divulge some important tips also reshared and commented on by Respawn Entertainment, by the developer Chad Armstrong and by the designer Sean Slayback.

Apex Legends Pro Tips

Below are the nine Apex Legends pro tips from the developer, Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends Pro Tip #1

Gold weapon attachments have unique properties, just like equipment! Muzzles – Flash hider (reduces muzzle flash) Scopes – Threat vision (highlights enemies, even through smoke/gas). There are no gold stocks or magazines. This response came after a user asked if are the golden attachments for weapons that give them something more like golden armor, helmets, etc. or if they improve the weapon more than the purple ones.

Apex Legends Pro Tip #2

Gold equipment has the same stats as Purple equipment, but with a bonus perk: Helmet- Faster Tacticals and Ultimates Armor- Refill shields after an execution Backpack- Health and shield consumables take half as long to use KO Shield – One-Time Self Revive. Also, Gold weapons come fully-kitted, so you don’t have to hunt down all their attachments. This is very important because it means that there are not many differences between the armors that are found in the boxes and those that can be bought. The difference lies in the perk.

Apex Legends Pro Tip #3

When you have a good handle on all the loot, you can turn on COMPACT LOOT PROMPTS for a more streamlined HUD! It’s in the Settings menu. This allows you to have a more streamlined and simple to use menu.

Apex Gold Tip

Apex Legends Pro Tip #4

About gold weapons! “Fully kitted” guns are conventional weapons with pre-installed attachments. The Kraber and the Mastiff are what you might call power weapons. They come with a finite amount of ammo, and extra ammo cannot be obtained for them.

Apex Legends Pro Tip #5

The distance marks on each full-screen optic (sniper) will always be accurate to the rifle you are using. Watch the reshuffle of mil points in real time as you point up or down. Use the rangefinder and align the right check mark to mark the long-range head shots. This will allow you to hit the enemy more accurately and understand which point is the most vulnerable.

If you didn’t get what Sean Slayback is saying then here’s an simple explaination from Reddit user hazeion:

On a normal scope with mil dots, depending on the range, you have to hold at that mil dot to account for bullet drop. I know you all understand this point.

For Example: If a character is 200m away at the same elevation as you, then you would use the 200m mil dot to aim at him. This would account for the bullet drop and should hit right where you are aiming.

Now, lets say he was 200m away but at a lower elevation. the 200m mil dot would not be accurate because it is not accounting for the elevation difference. You would have to move the mill dot LOWER on target, even though the DISTANCE to you is 200m. You would have to adjust slightly to account for the difference in elevation.

What the developer is saying, is that the mil dots will move dynamically depending on the elevation of your target. So, YES… if the target is 200m away but at a higher elevation, the mil dots will adjust to account for the elevation. So you don’t have to approximate “OK he is 200m away but at a higher elevation.. I will hold over the 200m mil but aim a little bit higher to account for the higher elevation”

The scope mil dots make this adjustment for you.

Helmets reduce headshot damage, with the amount of the reduction increasing with equipment tier: White: 30% Reduction Blue: 40% Reduction Purple/Gold: 50% Reduction Unlike shields, helmets never break, and never have to be restored with consumables. This is what we too have written in the guide published Yesterday.

Apex Legends Pro Tip #7

All characters move at the same speed. It only feels like some characters move slower because they have a higher camera height and slower arm animations. So basically, they are all on par with speed, just the speed of the character’s video recording changes. This is important with regards to the balance of the game.

Apex Legends Pro Tip #8

You can wall-climb to higher areas by jumping and pushing forward. It’s not covered in the tutorial but is essential. And this is what we have also written in our guide.

Apex Legends Pro Tip #9

Kick those doors in! You can kick and eventually destroy doors by melee’ing them! Also, blow them up with grenades. Doors can get blocked by dynamic objects such as players, death boxes, Caustic traps. Don’t let Caustic lock you in a room!

Apex Legends Pro Tip #10

Everyone knows about headshot multipliers, but did you know Apex has leg damage scaling? This means that if you hit your target below the belt, you’ll do less damage than if you hit them in the torso/arms. (btw, the training targets don’t have leg zones)

Apex Legends Pro Tip #11

You can kick down doors by meleeing them twice. Useful when a Caustic gas trap is blocking them. Right stick click to melee on controllers, or V on PC by default. Go murder some doors!

Apex Legends Pro Tip #12

Mirage’s holo tech is so good that it bamboozles threat scopes and Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather. But Caustic? Caustic sees right through it all. Not that it matters; the decoys dissolve in his poison just like anything else.

Apex Legends Pro Tip #13

Wraith Tip: How To Know When Your Portal Will Disappear?

This tip comes from Reddit user F1r3st4rter. To see how long your portal has until it disappears watch the recharge meter. Once it hits 39% your portal will vanish.


This is all Respawn Entertainment recommends us. Together with our guide, you could become, PRO gamers. Have fun and good victory!