Apex Legends respawn guide – how to safely bring squad mates back into the fight

Here are the essential things you need to know to safely respawn your squad.

Respawn beacon Apex Legends
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So, you just got away from a rough fight, and one or both of your squadmates are down for good, their loot coffins left behind as monuments to recklessness and bad matchmaking. The obvious course of action would be to recover their dog tags and beeline to the nearest respawn beacon. There are a couple of important things to consider first in order to make the respawn a success. With Apex Legends at its most complex in Season 6, it is worth revisiting the basics of how to properly bring players back from the dead.

How to respawn

While everyone can and should respawn, two legends are particularly suited for the task. Crypto is the best at it — his drone can safely recover player tags from deathboxes and operate respawn beacons. In fact, the drone interacts with respawn beacons faster than players do. Mirage also has an easier time respawning, because he automatically cloaks when interacting with respawn beacons.

After initiating the respawn, make sure to drop a gun and some essential gear for your returning squadmate, unless their deathbox is nearby. That will ensure they survive long enough to make the respawn worthwhile.

How not to respawn

There are a couple of respawn no-nos in Apex Legends. The first is respawning from a beacon outside of the ring after the third round. The zone hits very hard at that point, and in many cases, the respawn will not be worth the damage both players take in the process.

The second is using a mobile respawn beacon, or rather, carrying one. In the current state of Apex Legends, lugging around a respawn beacon in your backpack on the off chance it would come into play is ill-advised. The inventory space is better used for literally any other item. If you need to respawn your partner and there just happens to be a mobile respawn beacon lying around, go for it. Just don’t go out of your way to always have one.