Arca Plasmor build guide – Warframe

For when absolutely everything has to die.


The Arca Plasmor in Warframe has been a top tier Shotgun for years. Try as they might, Digital Extremes cannot tame this beast. It fires widespread blasts of Radiation damage that do a guaranteed Impact proc. It has a high-status chance, a large blast that hits multiple enemies, and it will punch

The downsides are low critical multipliers and no bonus damage for headshots, but this doesn’t matter when you build it correctly. The build we will discuss here is a little different from what most people seem to build, but it serves two important purposes. First, it combines Blast and Radiation damage for a lot of crowd control. It also applies up to four different status effects when it hits, which is important because it is excellent when used in conjunction with a Condition Overload build secondary. Condition Overload grants bonus melee damage when targets are affected by status, so quickly firing this weapon down a corridor gives you an instant damage boost for your melee attacks if something is left standing.

Arca Plasmor Build

The first mod Primed Point Blank for pure damage, although this can be replaced with Point Plank if you haven’t gotten the Primed version from Baro. After that, we have Contagious Spread, Shell Shock, Frigid Blast, Scattering Inferno, Hell’s Chamber, Toxic Barrage, and Chilling Reload.

This will give us Blast, Radiation, and Corrosive damage, so we can strip important defenses from any enemy, and the Blast procs are instant crowd control as they will knock targets over. This makes melee follow-ups even easier. The total damage is 17,140, and we also benefit from quicker reloads thanks to Chilling Reload. We also benefit from a 99.9 percent status chance. The best thing about this build? You don’t need any Forma to get it to work.