Are EA servers down? How to check EA server status

EA servers can occasionally go down, impacting gameplay. Here is everything to know about the current status of the servers, and where to look.

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Electronic Arts is a massive company with many games and companies under its umbrella. There are bound to be server issues with these games every now and then, especially with how many rely solely on constant internet connections. Here is how to know if EA’s services are having server problems and are down, as well as how to check their server status.

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Are EA’s Servers currently down?

According to the EAHelp Twitter account, as of 05/04/2023 at 12:03 PM ET, the EA servers are currently up. The post reads, “We’ve fixed the connectivity issues, so you should be able to get back online and play your games. Thanks for sticking with us!”

How to check if EA servers are down

With EA having games released on every current platform, it is highly unlikely that every game is running into issues because each game runs on different servers. This stuff happens mostly because of a new season or content update dropping in games like Apex Legends and lots of people hopping into the game and overloading the servers. We recommend first checking the EA Help Twitter page. They are pretty good at staying up to date with current issues in all of their games, so this should be your first stop.

If you have not found anything on the Twitter page, we recommend checking the status of your platform’s servers. Below are links to all three console server status pages.

You can also go to the EA Help page to look for answers to your game’s problems. At the top left of the page, select the Games drop-down and search for the game you think is having server issues. When you get to that game’s main page, you should see a server status icon near the top of the screen. This will let you know if that game is currently running into issues or not. Be sure you have the website set to your region in the top right corner.

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If you are still having problems and there are no reported outages, we recommend getting in contact with EA Help at the link above and having them help you directly.