Are Gold Pokemon Cards Real?

Gold Pokemon cards…are they real? Here’s everything to know about these beautiful cards and how to get one.

Pokemon TCG Gold Cards

Image via The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has so many different types of cards to collect from different series. For example, Sword and Shield Base Set cards are different than any of the Scarlet and Violet expansions. With each new Pokemon game that releases, a new collection of cards launches shortly after.

Like many trading card games, the Pokemon TCG contains a plethora of rare cards like reverse holos, holographic, secret rares, and alternate art cards. And since Pokemon cards are worth a decent amount of money, fake cards often veer their heads in an attempt to fool unsuspecting players. But are gold Pokemon cards real?

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Is There Gold Cards In Pokemon TCG?

Pokemon gold cards
Image by Gamepur

Yes, some Pokemon Card sets include ultra-rare gold cards, like the ones pictured above.

There are many different Pokemon cards. As mentioned, some of the ones that collectors are always on the look for are what are called V and EX cards, which are full art displays of the featured Pokemon. Aside from those, there are a very rare variety of rainbow and gold cards. These are cards that take the same sort of design, but it has a very bright rainbow or gold finish.

Getting a gold card comes down to luck. A lot of promotion and celebration booster packs will have a gold card in the lineup.

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Pulling a golden card from a booster pack earns any card collector some bragging rights. The smart thing to do when looking to begin collecting is to double-check the lineup of cards for that certain series and see which gold or other rare cards are offered in it. That way, a dream card can be selected and be the motivation for collecting.