Pokemon TCG Paldea Evolved Best Cards
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Pokemon TCG Paldea Evolved – Most Valuable Cards

Pokemon TCG fans can now collect the Paldea Evolved expansion, and here are some of the best cards to pull from booster packs.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are exploding onto the scene in the Pokemon TCG expansion Paldea Evolved. The new set, which released on June 9, 2023, features nearly 300 cards spotlighting Gen 9’s Pokedex additions. Of these, there are a few players will be hoping to pull from booster packs either for their value, their art, or their playability.

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As an avid fan of the Pokemon TCG, I was particularly excited to hear about Shroodle’s debut. While not the most powerful Paldean species, it is definitely up the list for the cutest – and Shroodle is only the tip of the iceberg for this amazing expansion set.

Paldea Evolved’s Most Expensive Pokemon TCG Cards

Paldea Evolved Pokemon TCG Expansion Review
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Dedicated Pokemon TCG collectors have a few particularly valuable cards to chase after in the Paldea Evolved expansion. The new set features special Full Alternate Art cards of the Paldean starters Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito, as well as past favorite from previous generations. Below are the most valuable cards in Paldea Evolved, how much they are currently selling for, and where to buy them.

#Card NameImageValue
269/193Iono – Special Illustration RareIono Special Illustration Full Art$94.70 on TCGPlayer
254/193Iono Full ArtIono Full Art Rare$41.95 TCGPlayer
261/193Chien-Pao ex Special Illustration RareChien-Pao EX$30 TCGPlayer
266/193Dendra Special Illustration RareDendra Alt Full Art$26.94 TCGPlayer
265/193Boss’s Orders Special Illustration RareBoss's Orders Special Illustration$22.89 TCGPlayer

Best Cards For The Paldea Evolved Pokemon TCG Set

Pokemon TCG Paldea Evolved Boosters
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There is nothing more exciting than a full art Pokemon TCG illustration of a favorite companion or trainer, and Paldea Evolved delivers plenty of each. After opening the ETBs for this set and getting a look at the full card list, I was beyond excited for several Full Art options that can be found in booster packs for the expansions.

Below is a compilation of the most stunning art in Paldea Evolved, and where players can pick them up.

#Card NameImageValue
223/193Grafaiai Illustration Rare Full ArtGrafaiai Illustration Rare Full Art$1.98 TCGPlayer
258/193Skeledirge ex Special Illustration RareSkeledirge Special Illustration Full Art$14.98 TCGPlayer
203/193Magikarp Illustration Rare Full ArtMagikarp rare art$22.00 TCGPlayer
268/193Grusha Special Illustration RareGrusha Special Illustration Full Art$16.00 TCGPlayer
204/193Marill Illustration Rare Full ArtMarill Illustration Rare Full Art$3.95 TCGPlayer

Pokemon TCG players can find all of the above cards in the Paldea Evolved Boosters, which are included in ETBs, Booster Boxes, and collectors sets for the tabletop game. With so many different Paldean species included in this expansion, it is the perfect way to pad out basic Pokemon cards for decks or collect stunning Full Art cards. It is definitely an exciting way to amp up for additional new expansions later this year.

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