Are The Cycle Frontier servers down? How to check server status

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Update: June 29

Scheduled maintenance on the servers for The Cycle: Frontier is due to take place today at 1 AM PT/10 AM CEST/9 AM BST/4 AM EDT for a period of roughly 2 hours. While the maintenance is taking place, the game’s servers will be down. This is to allow developer Yager time to implement patch 1.3.0, which should fix a few of the major errors that have been popping up lately. However, maintenance can sometimes take less time, so the servers could be up sooner, though it’s just as likely that the maintenance will take longer than 2 hours. Keep an eye on the game’s socials to stay abreast of all news and updates regarding the servers.

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Like any other online multiplayer game, The Cycle: Frontier experiences the occasional downtime during which players cannot access the game’s servers. Often these periods are scheduled and announced in advance, though sometimes there can also be unforeseen outages. If you are having difficulty accessing The Cycle: Frontier, you might want to check the game’s server status to determine if the issue is on your side or The Cycle’s. Luckily, this is as easy as clicking a single link.

Where to check the server status of The Cycle: Frontier

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To check if The Cycle: Frontier is currently offline, simply head to the official Server Status page which has up-to-date information on the game’s server status. However, while the page is your best bet to find out if there is a service outage, the reason and expected duration of the outage are not mentioned there. To get a better idea of why The Cycle: Frontier is currently down and when it might be accessible again, you should head to the official Discord. Updates are posted there regularly.

During the closed beta period, The Cycle: Frontier experienced occasional downtime for server upgrades and maintenance. When the game officially launches, these pauses should be far less frequent. Still, if you are having issues connecting to The Cycle: Frontier at any point, the server status page should be your first stop.