What is the release date for The Cycle: Frontier?

It’s in the future, as long as you’re reading this in the past.

The Cycle Frontier guide

Image via Yager

The Cycle: Frontier was a major surprise, both for people who had never heard of the franchise and for long-time The Cycle players. The revamped title has tense gameplay on a fully-realized alien planet, allowing players to scavenge for rare items, mine resources, and fight hostile creatures (and people) across a variety of beautiful biomes. The game is currently in closed beta, but it already looks very promising and has attracted the attention of a sizable playerbase.

At this time, developer Yager is yet to announce the exact release date for The Cycle: Frontier. However, we do know that the game’s official launch will happen at some time in 2022. At launch, The Cycle: Frontier will be available on both major PC storefronts.

The closed playtest of The Cycle: Frontier is currently happening on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Originally the test was supposed to end at the start of November, but Yager recently notified players that the playtest will be extended to make up for unexpected downtime periods which occurred on October 20. The studio may also hold more playtests in the future, which means that players interested in The Cycle: Frontier should take advantage of the opportunity to sign up for playtesting.