Artery Gear: Fusion tier list – The best characters in Artery Gear

Summon the right Mechas, win more games.

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In the popular mobile turn-based RPG game Artery Gear: Fusion, you will be assembling a crew of characters called Mechas. This game was developed and published by BiliBili and features the ever-popular gacha mechanic as a way to acquire characters of various power tiers. However, even across the different types of characters, there’s always a difference in power. That’s where a tier list comes in handy, as it will help you determine which Mechas to focus on — when to ‘summon’ for certain ones and when to save. 

As with all gacha games, the higher the rarity of the character, the lower the chance of acquiring them. In Artery Gear: Fusion, there are three types of rarities, on a star-based system. The rarest Mechas are 5-Star Mechas (with 2.5% base probability), followed by 4-Star Mechas (with 13% base probability), and lastly 3-Star Mechas (with 84.5% base probability). To differentiate them further, all Mechas come in one of the three different elements, signified by their colors (Red, Blue, and Green), which all interact in different ways. With that in mind, let us dive in and determine the best Mechas in Artery Gear: Fusion.

Artery Gear: Fusion Mecha tier list

S tier

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These Mechas are among the best in the game and you can consider yourself lucky if you manage to summon one of them. They have the ability to carry you through nearly all aspects of the game, including PvE, PvP, Raids, and more.

  • Alice (4-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Cream (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Ginga (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Lila (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Lobelia (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Madoka Kaname (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Morris (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Sirius (5-Star Green Mecha)

A tier

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These Mechas are strong and usually are especially useful in one or more activities in Artery Gear: Fusion. It’s also notable that this tier features a few 3-Star Mechas (Grace and Roko), which means that these are worth investing in if you’re a newer player.

  • Chihaya (4-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Condor (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Grace (3-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Hearin (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Kagura (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Kyouko Sakura (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Milvus (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Nina (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Pavonis (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Quinn (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Roko (3-Star Green Mecha)
  • Ruri (4-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Ryza (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Sayaka Miki (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Shura (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Suriel (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Teufel (5-Star Red Mecha)

B tier

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These are the middle-of-the-line Mechas. They aren’t exactly weak or strong, and you will get good use out of them until you manage to summon higher-tier ones. They work especially well when combined with other similarly powered or stronger Mechas.

  • Corax (4-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Ghost (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Homura Akemi (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Homura Akemi Megane (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Jessie (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Kagari (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Kanna (3-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Klaudia (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Knud (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Lewisia (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Nemophila (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Nio (3-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Rosemary (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Senha (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Shinobu (5-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Verbana (4-Star Blue Mecha)

C tier

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Mechas in this tier are mostly 3 and 4-Star ones, with a few weak 5-Stars included as well. While not among the best (or even good), you will still be able to find some use for these characters, especially those who occupy more supporting roles, such as Tactician or Healer. Just don’t expect them to carry you far in the long run.

  • 04 (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Acacia (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Benny (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Caroline (3-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Cathy (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Dean (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Della (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Diancht (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Enhanced Repairer (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Foxy (3-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Goya (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Gray (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Greer (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Komachi (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Kurumi (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Lydia (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Maika (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Mami Tomoe (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Michelle (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Neisa (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Phantom (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Shinonome (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Winnie (3-Star Green Mecha)
  • Yukimitsu (4-Star Red Mecha)

D tier

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These are some of the weaker Mechas in the current balance meta of Artery Gear: Fusion. As would be expected, most of them are weak 4-Stars and 3-Stars, but there are a couple of especially weak 5-Star Mechas here too (Cindy and Touka). Whatever their rarity, you’ll want to look to replace them soon.

  • Andie (3-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Angelica (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Blue (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Cerulean (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Chitose (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Cindy (5-Star Green Mecha)
  • Erica (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Feidy (4-Star Green Mecha)
  • Iberis (4-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Ivey (3-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Margot (3-Star Green Mecha)
  • Pele (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Phoebe (4-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Rhoeas (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Sonya (3-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Sylvia (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Timy (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Tony (4-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Touka (5-Star Blue Mecha)

F tier

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Unfortunately, these few Mechas are the bottom of the barrel. They are the weakest in the current balance of the game, and it’s especially unfortunate to see Hokotou in this spot, as you would expect much more from a 5-Star summon. As they are currently, avoid them unless you have no other option.

  • BonBon (4-Star Blue Mecha)
  • Darkdeep (4-Star Red Mecha)
  • Hastur (3-Star Red Mecha)
  • Hokotou (5-Star Red Mecha)
  • Katie (3-Star Green Mecha)
  • Meko (3-Star Green Mecha)
  • Onean (3-Star Green Mecha)
  • Valeria (4-Star Green Mecha)