The 10 best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and how to get them

The best of the best.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey contains a wide variety of weapons that include swords, spears, bows, and more. All of them vary in their usage, stats, and playstyles, so it is essential to know which ones are the best to use in certain situations. Choosing the best weapons can be a matter of life and death for your misthios. Additionally, if you are going for different kinds of builds, these can complete your set and make you extremely deadly. For that, we note down ten of the best weapons in the game and how to obtain them. All of the weapons have a max DPS (Damage Per Second) of 8257 unless mentioned.

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Achilles’ Bow

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As understood by its name, this legendary bow once belonged to the legendary Greek hero Achilles. The bow has a beautiful red and bronze decoration that certainly makes it much more lucrative. It comes with +25 Hunter Damage, +10% CRIT Hit Chance in addition to +20% Damage with Devastating Shot Ability. It’s definitely one of the best bows in the game as it excels from great heights. This can be acquired from a mercenary named The Marksman after defeating them.

Arachne’s Stinger

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Arachne’s Stinger consists of short blades imbued with a poison that makes it a formidable weapon to use. The blades possess +25% Assassin Damage, and +40% Poison Damage. Moreover, all the weapon damage also turns into poison damage as well. Arachne’s Stinger can be acquired after defeating the mercenary named The Weaver.

Bident of the Underworld

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The Bident of the World is a legendary spear inspired by Hades, king of the Greek underworld. What’s unique about its look is that it has two prongs instead of one. This spear gives +25% Warrior Damage and 30% damage with Spears. It also gives an extra +25% Warrior Damage as well but at the cost of -15% Ranged Resistance. This can be unlocked when purchasing the Underworld Mythical Pack DLC.

Dagger of Kronus

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The Dagger of Kronus is a legendary dagger inspired by the Titan Kronos and is an effective weapon against fast-moving enemies. It comes with +25% Warrior Damage, +30% Damage with Daggers, and +40% Damage when attacking from behind. This can be obtained from the Nyx the Shadow, a member of the Cult of Kosmos.

Griffin’s Scythe

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Griffin’s Scythe is another legendary spear players can add to their weapons arsenal. Like the Bident of the Underworld, it has a max DPS of 8257. Additionally, equipping it will give +25% Hunter Damage, +30% Adrenaline per Hit, and +20% Damage with Spread Shot Ability. This can be obtained by defeating the mercenary named The Patricidal.

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Hammer Of Jason

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The Hammer of Jason is alleged to have belonged to the legendary hero Jason and is a great weapon to use again brutes and shield-based enemies. It’s a great hammer for players who want to get up, close and personal with their enemies. It comes with +25% Warrior Damage,+30% Damage with Heavy Blunt Weapons and+20% Damage with Shield Break Ability. This hammer can be obtained when looting the legendary chest in Mycenae, at the Palace of Agamemnon in Argolis.

Mallet of Everlasting Flame

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A visually appealing and dangerous weapon altogether is the Mallet of Everlasting Flame. As indicated by its name, its head is ever-burning and can cause serious damage to all kinds of enemies. Its benefits include +25% Warrior Damage, +40% Fire Damage, and Weapon Damage becomes Fire Damage as well. This mallet can be obtained after killing the mercenary The Smoldering.

Nikolaos’ Sword

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Nikolaos’ Sword belonged to the legendary eponymous Spartan General and is a great weapon to get hands-on early in the game. It comes with +25% Warrior Damage, +40% Damage on Athenian Soldiers, and +20% Damage with Sparta Kick Ability. This can be obtained after completing the story mission The Wolf of Sparta.

Poseidon’s Trident

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A wicked weapon to definitely have is Poseidon’s Trident which belonged to the eponymous Greek god of the sea. It comes with +25% Warrior Damage, +50% CRIT Damage, and the ability to breathe underwater. While the extra damage is certainly useful, the ability to breathe underwater gives players more opportunities to explore the vast Greek seas. This can be obtained by looting a chest on the island of Triton, which is between Chios and Samos and has a large statue of Poseidon himself.

Xiphos of Dionysos

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The Xiphos of Dionysos is a sleek and deadly weapon that belonged to the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. This weapon is particularly useful towards the end of the game with its amazing attributes. It comes with +25% Assassin Damage, +50% CRIT Damage, and +20% Damage with Hero Strike Ability. To get this weapon, you will have to eliminate Pausanias of Sparta.