Anthem: How to find and get Corium Guide

Anthem is the latest online multiplayer RPG developed by BioWare and published by EA. As you progress through the story, you’ll eventually be tasked with finding a crafting material to continue. Here’s how to get Corium in Anthem for the Shield of Dawn.

After clearing out your Tomb trials in the story, you’ll need to craft the shield mentioned above. One of the crafting materials required is called Corium, which is a rare resource that can only be dropped by Titans.

How to find and get Corium in Anthem?

Athem How to find and get Corium Guide

Method #1: Finding Titans

Unfortunately, these Corium-dropping Titans spawn randomly in Anthem’s game world, which means that you won’t be able to find them as easily. However, there is a particular spawn point that you can try your luck in.

Start a Freeplay expedition to explore the world, then check your map and head to the Great Falls Canyon area. There is usually a Titan hanging out around here, and while it does have a massive health pool, you should be able to take it down quickly by staying in the air and attacking from afar.

If you’re having trouble, consider bringing a squad in with you. After killing the Titan, you’ll be able to harvest some Corium, which will allow you to make the Shield of Dawn. If the Titan isn’t there, it’s possible that other players might have killed it, so just reset the instance by spawning in again and try your luck.

Method #2: Starting the Triple Threat Mission

As an alternative to the first method, you can try the Triple Threat mission that requires you to fight several Titans. This is the best method to recover Corium, but it is also the most difficult depending on your loadout. We recommend using a well-established team. Here is what to do:

  • Step 1: Get the shield and talk to Matthias at Fort Tarsis. He will give you the mission to hunt for some Titans who will also leave the Corium.
  • Step 2: Take part in these missions and, although the Titans are different, always remember not to get too close and attack them from a distance.
  • Step 3: After obtaining sufficient Corium, you can create your Shield of Dawn for the continuation of the story.

Athem How to find and get Corium Guide

That’s all you need to know about how to get Corium in Anthem.