Atlas Crafting Guide | How To Craft Grappling Hook

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Atlas players know: surviving is not easy at all, and it’s even harder without the right tools. In this guide, we explain to you how to craft a grappling hook, useful for both pirates who want to assault enemy ships and explorers who aspire to shout “I’m the King of the World” from the top of a mountain.

How To Craft Grappling Hook

Which Skill To Unlock Skill To Craft Grappling Hook

Understanding how to craft grappling hook could seem complex, especially if you haven’t leveled enough to unlock the suitable skills. Let’s learn how to do it step-by-step.

  • Unlock the Seamanship Discipline (through Construction & Mercantilism tree)
  • Now you can unlock the Piracy tree
  • Unlock the Basics of Piracy skill (you can find it at the top of the skill tree)
  • Job Complete: you have unlocked the grappling hook

What Do You Need To Craft Grappling Hook

To craft a grappling hook, you need:

  • 160x Fibers
  • 4x Hide
  • 16x Metal
  • 2x Wood

Please, make sure you have more of these items with you because the grappling hook is a consumable item, so you will need them to let the Smith repair it when its durability gets low.

The Other Piracy-related Items

As you can imagine, Basics of Piracy doesn’t only unlock grappling hook. Here are the other objects that it unlocks.

  • Blackjack – 20x Wood
  • Handcuffs – 30x Fibers; 26x Hide; 12x Metal
  • Hanging noose – 120x Fibers; 20x Thatch
  • Flare gun – 6x Fibers; 2x Flint; 10x Gunpowder; 4x Woods

Now you’re even more ready to roam the sea and the land without being caught unprepared: Scout Word.