Atlas Levelling Guide | How to Level Up Fast

How to Level Fast
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A famous pirate – all right, the pirate of a famous movie – once said that what matters is not the goal but the journey. I strongly agree, especially talking about games, because I think the funniest thing is the discovery, not being the strongest.

However, there may be several valid reasons that push a player to want to reach the top immediately and that’s why we wrote this guide for fast leveling in Atlas.

How to Level Fast

Tips To Level Up Quickly

Reaching the top is pretty easy if you know what to do. For example, you could try to reach the goal by killing animals. In this case, all you have to do is make sure you reach level 4 and craft a bow with at least 50 arrows. Then look for Alpha Creatures because they give a lot of experience.

  • Level 4-8: look for alpha boars and kill them (it will take just a few minutes to reach level 8)
  • Level 8-20+: look for alpha rattlesnakes (they seem to be the best, based on the experience given by killing them)

If you have a sloop, things could be even simpler. Some players have reported that treasure maps give a huge amount of experience. If you only need one map to skip two levels at high levels, imagine what may happen if you find a treasure map at low levels (note that depending on the quality of the treasure map, you get more or less experience).

How To Build a Sloop

If you don’t know how to build a Sloop, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Unlock the Shipwright skill (through the Construction and Mercantilism skill tree).
  • Step 2: Build the Small Shipyard visiting a Smithy (you will need 240x Fibers, 105x Stone, 420x Thatch, 840x Wood).
  • Step 3: Place your Small Shipyard along the coast of the island where you’re settled down (it have to be deep enough but not too deep).
  • Step 4: Build the frame of your Sloop (120x Fibers, 12x Metal, 220x Thatch, 140x Wood); use your Small Shipyard to craft it.
  • Step 5: Build anything else you need (a single Deck, several Wood Panels, some Wooden Ceiling and so on).
  • Step 6: Finally, build a Steering Wheel and a Medium Speed Sail (recommended, but you can also use another king of sails).

Done. Now nothing can stop you during your climb to the top.