How to complete Act 1 – The Dark Before the Dawn in Back 4 Blood

Defend the diner.

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You just managed to rescue several civilians who were trapped in a town. Now, you have to go back for a supply run. Here’s our guide to help you complete Act 1 – The Dark Before the Dawn in Back 4 Blood. We’ll discuss missions such as Special Delivery and The Diner.

Back 4 Blood: Act 1 – The Dark Before the Dawn guide

We’ll outline the steps and what you can expect in Act 1 – The Dark Before the Dawn. The two missions here still take place in the same town that you just went through in the earlier section. Just remember that the Director will throw a few challenges along the way, too.

Special Delivery

Exit the safe house and enter the town’s gates. It’s already getting dark, so beware of undead that are lurking in the shadows. Try to look for flares that mark where you need to go. Once you reach the yard on the left-hand side, you’ll be notified that you need to grab supply boxes. Possible spawn locations include:

  • The small garage near the yard.
  • The restroom inside a factory (seen in the image below).
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Carrying a supply box prevents you from using weapons. However, you can switch to your firearms whenever you’re in danger. Just be sure to pick up the cache again.

Our goal is to reach the safe house at the end of the street. Once both supply boxes have been placed on the desk, the level will be completed.

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The Diner

This one counts as the finale of Act 1 – The Dark Before the Dawn in Back 4 Blood. As usual, revives will be disabled here, so avoid unnecessary deaths.

Our objective now is to bring the two supply boxes from the initial safe house to the diner. There are several infected roaming around, and you need to go through a couple of establishments.

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Once you’re at the diner, grab ammo and prepare. We need to survive multiple horde waves for the next five minutes. There’s an NPC on the diner’s roof who’s using a minigun. Likewise, there’s another minigun at the entrance.

However, my suggestion is to find a cozy corner and camp there. Have two people crouch and stab zombies in melee range, while two take care of specials that are further away. Do try to avoid AoE goop or acid if you see special Ridden spewing it. After five minutes have elapsed, you’ll complete Act 1 – The Dark Before the Dawn in Back 4 Blood.

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