How to survive horde attacks in Back 4 Blood

You’re going to be up against countless undead Ridden, so here’s our guide to help you survive horde attacks in Back 4 Blood.

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Similar to other online co-op games like Left 4 Dead and Vermintide, Back 4 Blood will have your squad dealing with countless foes. There will be times when the challenge might seem insurmountable, but you need to remain tenacious. Here’s our guide on how to survive undead Ridden horde attacks in Back 4 Blood.

There are several possible triggers that cause horde attacks in Back 4 Blood:

  • Birds – You’ll encounter this notification early in the campaign, especially when “The Birds” Corruption Card is active. Shooting or going near flocks to startle them will alert the horde.
  • Doors and alarms – In some cases, passing through a door and triggering the alarm will spawn a smaller horde.
  • Ridden variants – Certain types of Ridden, such as Retchers, can spew forth a liquid that can attract swarms of zombies.
  • In-mission progression features – Good examples of these include lowering a platform and activating the gravel filler in The Devil’s Return. In fact, the last mission where players need to cross a bridge and reach a ferry also has hordes that continuously spawn.
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The best way to survive horde attacks in Back 4 Blood is to play defensively. Trying to run out into the open will get you surrounded. As such, it’s better to find a defensive perimeter, such as a small room, a tight corner, or a cliffside path. This will allow you to funnel in most hostiles, but do try to avoid rampaging elites that can hit your entire squad.

Slash and stab Ridden that get too close with your melee weapons, while others fire at special variants that are further away. Likewise, it’s a good idea for a couple of players to remain crouched to avoid friendly fire.

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