Fastest way to farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

Well, that was fast.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The grind in Back 4 Blood is all about Supply Points. This currency can’t be earned if you’re playing solo with bots, leading to negative reactions from the community. However, if you try the quickplay, campaign, and swarm modes, you should still earn a bit. Here’s our guide to help you with the fastest way to farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood.

The fastest ways to farm Supply Points

One of the fastest ways to farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood is by completing the final mission of Act 1: Blue Dog Hollow. The mission is called The Sound of Thunder, and it entails blowing up a mine by using a howitzer.

Now, the howitzer itself requires shells that you need to pick up, load in, and take out. You also need to do this process several times until the mine has fully collapsed. This can be a hassle for most characters, but a complete afterthought if you have someone like Karlee. Karlee’s perk, Dexterous, increases the team’s use speed by 50%. If she or anyone else has additional cards that boost use speed, the interactions can go by fast.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are some examples of cards that increase use speed:

  • Combat Medic – +50% use speed; heals teammates for an additional 20 health when you revive them.
  • Screwdriver – +50% use speed; +10% stamina.
  • Multitool – +75% use speed; -5% damage resistance.
  • Headband Magnifier (extremely risky) – +125% use speed; chance to get blinded for one second when you take damage.

Just keep repeating the same steps of bringing in a howitzer shell and firing the cannon, and you should be done in less than two minutes. Completion nets you 38 Supply Points (at least), and that amount gets higher if you play on higher difficulties. This is currently the best way to farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood, so make the most out of it in case it gets nerfed.