Ballonlea gym answers in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Get each question right in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Ballonlea gym.

The Ballonlea Gym is the fifth gym you will encounter on your journey through Pokemon Sword and Shield, and like the others, to reach the leader, you will have to complete a Gym Mission.

This gym’s mission takes the form of battling a group of three trainers on a stage, and answering a quiz question they throw your way. This is also how the Gym Leader battle will work.

If you answer each question correctly, the stats of your Pokemon will receive a boost, and answering incorrectly does the opposite. Just answer all the questions and beat out each opponent, and victory is yours.

For the correct answer to each question, look no further than right here. We have each question and their answer in chronological order:

Do you know about Fairy type’s weaknesses?

Trick Question: either Poison Type or Steel Type is correct.

What was the previous Trainer’s name?


What do I eat for breakfast every morning?


Now, it is time for the Gym Leader Battle and her own questions. Here is what Opal will ask you as you fight her and what to answer:

Do you know my nickname?

The wizard

What is my favorite color?


How old am I?

16 years old