Beginner tips for chasing high scores in Sol Cresta

Follow these tips to progress and master the in-game leaderboard.

Image via Platinum Games

Sol Cresta is built entirely around pursuing the best run possible. To do this, players will have to master every element of the game. Generally, there’s a lot of ground to cover, but understanding three core aspects of the game that aren’t explained upfront will drastically improve your ability to progress.

Matching Ships

Hoops, crates, and other obstacles are colored to match the three ships. Hoops may be able to be collected when any ship is in the lead position, but having the correct ship lead the charge through its respective hoop is a nearly two thousand point difference.


Collecting emblems and coins is the core of progression in Sol Cresta. When collecting duplicate items, you’ll be awarded several thousand points. A full inventory is one of the best ways to rack up points. Keep a keen eye and watch out for opportunities to collect duplicates, and you’ll be well on the way to the top of the leaderboard.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The longer you avoid taking a hit, the quicker you can rack up points. If you can keep your shields up, you’ll avoid taking hits directly to your ships, preventing you from having to collect them again. Keeping your ships in tip-top shape is a crucial key to dominating your high-score demons.