Best Addons for WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Addons are the perfect way to enhance gameplay in WoW Classic, offering players a slew of special customizations for download.

WoW Classic addons

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Addons or modifications are a staple to the WoW gaming experience. With the new WoW Classic: Season of Discovery taking the “discovery” concept very seriously, players are lost as to what will benefit them as they explore this new update.

Addons are meant to enhance the player’s experience and Wow has a lot to choose from. WoW Classic is for the players who want to enjoy the nostalgia of WoW but there are a lot of missing elements from WoW retail that are helpful for gameplay. These addons are perfect for keeping that nostalgia intact while also bettering the experience. This will also help players who are trying WoW Classic for the first time.

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10. Auctioneer

WoW Classic addon auctioneer
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Auctioneer is the best addon for those who scout out the auctions in WoW Classic. This will do most of the heavy work for players as it scans the auction houses for the best competitive prices when buying and selling items. If you need a specific item or want the best price for selling one, using this addon will save players time that can be used to explore a bit more and find more items to sell.

9. Bartender

WoW Classic addon bartender
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The Bartender addon is great for organizing and customizing players’ hotbind bars. Players can cut them, enlarge them, put them horizontally or vertically, and reorganize the order. Players can do almost anything they can think of when altering the bar organization. This is particularly great for classes that juggle a lot of abilities.

8. Leatrix Plus

WoW Classic addon Leatrix Plus
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This addon will increase the quality of general gameplay. Leatrix Plus will automate more common and mundane actions like accepting quests, fixing armor at blacksmiths, and selling junk items to name a few. This will create a more streamlined gameplay and leave players more time to worry about bigger things like that rare drop they want or surviving a raid boss.

7. Details! Damage Meter Addon

WoW Classic addon details
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Details! is a handy addon that will analyze all combat-related statistics. This will let the player know how much DPS and Healing they are doing as well as show what kind of gameplay other gamers are achieving. It’s a great tool to help with improvement, especially for those who have less experience playing WoW.

6. WeakAuras

WoW Classic addon weakauras
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WeakAuras is an addon that will let players customize alerts that are specified for their needs. It can give notifications to the player concerning just about anything including cooldowns, buffs, and debuffs. It will provide both auditory and visual cues for players for any in-game event the player wishes to focus on. Many codes for this addon are already made, making it easy for players to add different alerts.

5. Extended Character Stats

WoW Character addon extended character stats
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Extended Character Stats provides detailed information on stats and abilities for characters that the default UI doesn’t include. This means being able to keep track of hit chance, resistances, and other hidden but vital information that can affect how the player continues to progress with their character. It also can give more detailed information that will help determine what gear is best.

4. GatherMate2

WoW Classic addon gathermate2
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GatherMate2 is the best addon for gathering resources and for professions such as Mining and Herbalism. It will track resources by marking them on the map and monitor locations players have already been to which will help maintain the fastest routes to gather what players need. It will certainly make any fetch quest and material hunting easier.

3. Questie

WoW Classic addon questie
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Questie is the key to success in WoW, especially in WoW Classic. This addon will help organize quests the player has, tell them where to go, and how to complete the it. WoW Classic does not give you much information in terms of quest locations and such. This addon is a must-have for players who don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out what to do next and where to go.

2. Bagnon

WoW Classic addon bagnon
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Organization is the key and Bagnon is one of the best ways to provide that. This addon will combine all a player’s bags into one, making one big inventory. This way players don’t have to spend time hunting through different bags to find that one item they need. This addon will also add the “clean bags” button from WoW into WoW Classic, streamlining the whole inventory process.

1. Deadly Boss Mods

WoW Classic addon dbm
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Deadly Boss Mods or DBM is for the Raiders. This addon will track and alert players to boss encounters. Having a timer for boss encounters will help players coordinate a party to raid together, making the task of scheduling go from impossible to maybe possible. It will also give players the boss’s abilities enabling them to make better combat decisions and make challenging encounters easier.

All add-ons can be found and installed through Curseforge. Players will need to install the app first but once it’s set up, installing the addons is as easy as a click of a button.