The Best Armor in Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate


The Nintendo Switch now has its own entry in the Monster Hunter series in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, giving players the biggest collection of monsters and beasts in the series.

With so many creatures in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHGU) there are a lot of different armor and weapon types available to match. While all the armor sets are useful, some are bound to be stronger than others.

You can mix and match armor pieces from different sets to gain unique abilities. Sometimes having a full set of armor is just smarter. With so many traits, abilities, and elemental properties, it can be hard at times to know what armor works best for every situation.

We have listed an assortment of different armor and the monsters you’ll have to slay to get it, with each piece having its own strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike World, MHGU‘s armor types are split into melee and ranged weapons, so you won’t be able to use ranged armor when wielding a melee weapon. This list will also be focusing more on blademaster armor types over gunner. Some abilities might differ to its gunner counterpart.

Some armor types might also be better suited to different weapons or styles as well. Be sure to try everything to find out what works best for your style.

Low Rank Armor


The Jaggi is the first real threat you face in-game and one of the easiest sets to obtain. It won’t offer you much in term of late game protection, but its a good set to get you going.

The monster is also easy to fight, giving you ideal time to practice each of the game’s weapons to find out which works best for you.


You’ll probably want to experiment with different armor types up until this point, but once you unlock Rathalos hunting quests, you’ll want to grab the matching armor as fast as possible.

The Rathalos armor gives you the Tenderizer ability, which allows you to exploit certain weaknesses. You’ll also gain a slight attack boost. This makes it the perfect armor for getting you through to the last of the low rank missions.

Just remember to ditch it when up against electric, dragon-type monsters or you’ll find yourself at a severe disadvantage.

Gammoth and Kaiser

The Gammoth armor set is made for fighting in cold environments, while the Kaiser armor is useful for fighting in warm climates. Both work as area exclusive sets.

These have a good mix of elemental weaknesses and strengths and are ideal at the start of the game when you need to get used to warm and cold climates. Unlike World, which just had a small lava section, MHGU has entire levels that require cool drinks to keep alive.

If you find yourself needing a decent set of armor, it might be worth investing your time into both sets and combine them with other armor parts, such as Rathalos or Kirin.

High Rank Armor


It might take awhile to get, but Plesioth armor is worth the wait.

When combined with the Aerial Style, the Plesioth armor will give you the ability to mount monsters with greater ease thanks to the Mounting Master skill. It also has the ability Vault, which gives you greater airtime.

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Where this armor set truly shines is the Capture Expert ability, which sometimes increased the number of reward items from a successful capture. This ability could be the difference between getting better items in early high rank quests.

Najarala S

Najarala S is another armor set that comes with a capture related skill, which increases the amount of rewards given for successful captures.

Its biggest advantage comes from its Earplug ability, which negates the effect of some large monster’s roars. This gives you extra time to attack and, more importantly, dodge out of the way of one-hit-kill moves with time to spare.

The five dragon resistance that the full armor set gets acts as a nice bonus when facing off against those pesky elder dragons. But it is far from the best armor to take into battle against those legendary beasts.


As one of the final armor types you can get in the game, the Escadora is arguably the best armor to take you into late High Rank, and even G Rank quests.

It has no resistances to any element and suffers against dragon-based attacks. It makes up for this by having a high defense (76 each item) making it one of the strongest armor sets in the game.

It also has an abundance of different skills. Elemental attacks will deal more damage, as well as more critical hits, making it ideal for anyone wielding elemental melee weapons.

The biggest advantage comes from the Blightproof ability. This nullifies all elemental blights. You’ll be impervious to being on fire, for example, which should come in pretty handy for any video game short of NBA Jam.