Best armor sets in Wasteland 3 – locations, boosts, and drawbacks

Complete the dream of being a walking juggernaut.

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Before diving too deep into Wasteland 3, rookies must understand that taking the time to search for the superior armor sets is incredibly essential. Unlike basic sets, these can be highly resistant to elemental damage, drastically change melee damage, and obviously gift a major bonus in terms of defense. Although you may not have the required Strength level yet, here’s what you’ll want to collect pronto.

Power Armor

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This set is likely the first you want to go for, as each item’s location isn’t far beyond the starting point. The complete set boosts your armor effect up to 45 and will allow you to heal 50% faster. The helmet does have a make-or-break setback, with your Hit Chance taking a -20 dive. You will be required to reach level 8 Strength to use it.

Where to find it Power Armor

The legs and chest can be found in crates in the Ranger HQ, with the Power Helmet inside a garage locker inside the Energy Site.

ChemTek Armor

The ChemTek set is also great for those with a low Strength level, as you only need to be a level 4. When equipped together, you’ll have +32 damage and an increase in healing. You will have to have Weird Science up to level 6 to attach each item.

Where to find ChemTek Armor

This set asks a lot of users. Firstly, you’ll want to head to Santa’s Workshop, with a crate inside containing the legs. The chest item can be bought from Sister Nancy in the Denver Ruins, as the helmet will be hiding in the Bizarre Exterior’s Dentist Office.

Nucular Armor

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Don’t chase after this set just yet, as it’s likely the last you’re rewarded. However, it adds even more replayability once you earn it. With the entire set, you’ll see a +61 armor, making you nearly untouchable. This sort of high-level defense doesn’t come without a catch, though, as Hit Chance does drop by 36.

Where to find Nucular Armor

At the endgame, the whole set will be gifted by Satoshi if you do not open the mysterious case.

Exoskeleton Armor

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You may not want to be a shooter for this set. The melee damage goes up by 30%, and the armor boost is a respectable +53. With such a high number, you will need at least level 7 Strength. Also, make sure your Weird Science is 3 or higher.

Where to find Exoskeleton Armor

Taking out any of the Juvies in the Abandoned Oil Well will unlock the helmet. However, the legs are deep inside the Paint Mines and the chest requires you to kill the almighty Patriarch of Colorado.

Verchitin Armor

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It’s the best. No debate is needed. Having the entire set nets you a mind-boggling +72 armor, and each piece also grants higher resistance to heat, cold, and energy damage. However, with great power comes great responsibility. You’ll need to push to level 9 Strength or higher to use each item in the set.

Where to find Verchitin Armor

To obtain the whole set, you’ll need to scrounge up all five pieces of the Golden Toaster. Once achieved, all parts can be found inside crates in West Yuma.