Best Artifacts in Idle Heroes

Consider sticking these Artifacts in your equipment slots.

Image via DHGAMES

Artifacts in Idle Heroes are some of the most valuable items in the game. They’re inserted into one of the in-game Equipment slots and feature unique abilities that buff your character’s stats, including Attack damage, Skill Damage, Precision, and so on. Additionally, Artifacts feature distinct colors, upgrade costs, and engulfed values that are relevant to gameplay.

This guide will consider the top Artifacts to acquire in Idle Heroes, considering unique effects, upgrade costs, and in-game application.

Demon Bell

Image via idleheroes.fandom

One of the top energy Artifacts in the game, Demon Bell, buffs Energy up by 50 points and grants an +18% increase to Attack and +14% to HP.

Echo of Death

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Echo of Death is a must-have for the offensive-style players out there; +18% Attack and +15% Crit will have your heroes upfront in the thick of battle.

Fearless Armour

Image via idleheroes.fandom

An excellent Artifact in keeping you protected, featuring +30% reduced damage, along with +14% HP; Ideal for heroes who appreciate face-to-face combat.

Magic Stone Sword

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Magic Stone Sword is a well-balanced Artifact, ideal for heroes who seek good attack stats, along with protection, +21% Attack, +30% Damage Reduction, and 25% Control Immune.

Magic Source

Image via idleheroes.fandom

Magic Source is a highly sought-after Artifact, and for a good reason. While equipped, Energy shoots up 50 points, while Skill Damage increases by +50%.

Mirror Chain

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A solid all-around reduction and HP-based Artifact. When utilized, Reduce Damage increases +20%, and HP by +10%.

Orb of Annihilation

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A very powerful energy-based Artifact; When used, Energy increases by 50 points. Also, Skill Damage jumps up by 50% and an additional 40% more if the hero that has the purple faction uses it.

Punisher of Immortal

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The perfect Artifact for crit-based heroes; +21% Attack, +15% Crit, along with +50% Crit Damage.

Wind Gods Messenger

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If you’re itching to be the fastest hero around, look no further; +66 Speed points, along with a +14% HP buff.