Best base HUT left wingers in NHL 21

Don’t worry, Ovi made this list.

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If you want to dominate the competition in NHL 21, it’s going to take a lot more than just having a few good centermen and defensemen. It’s vital that you don’t neglect the wings, as having a good amount of depth at this position can help you on the backcheck or forecheck, as well as put the puck in the back of the net consistently. So who are the best wingers in Hockey Ultimate Team? Let’s go over the best base HUT left wingers in NHL 21, starting with the cover athlete, Alex Ovechkin.

Alexander Ovechkin

  • Team – Washington Capitals
  • Overall – 86
  • Synergy – Gladiator (1)

The Capitals superstar is the highest-rated left winger in NHL 21, thanks to his high shooting and physical attributes. In addition, his puck handling attributes (85 Deking, 85 Passing, 90 Puck Control) are well above-average, so you shouldn’t have too many issues cycling the puck with ‘The Great Eight’. Where Ovechkin is weak, however, is his skating attributes. He’s an average skater, and unfortunately, his synergy, when activated, does not boost any of those attributes. That is problematic, but if you pair him with the right linemates, he should still be a fantastic winger for your squad.

Taylor Hall

  • Team – Arizona Coyotes
  • Overall – 85
  • Synergy – Thief (1)

Former Hart Trophy winner Taylor Hall is the type of winger you should covet. Not only does the newest Buffalo Sabre have great shooting attributes, but his skating numbers are great as well. Hall’s base card should be able to split the defense with ease, and be reliable when it comes to one-times. Hall does have his flaws, though, as he’s not the physical specimen that Alex Ovechkin. Additionally, his synergy (Thief) essentially does him no good, since he’s not a centerman.

Jonathan Huberdeau

  • Team – Florida Panthers
  • Overall – 85
  • Synergy – Speedster (1)

Panthers LW Jonathan Huberdeau is one of the better playmaking wingers you’ll find in NHL 21. Huberdeau has exceptional hands attributes (89 Passing, 89 Puck Control, 86 Deking) to go along with solid skating and shooting attributes. What makes Huberdeau an even more intriguing player is that his Synergy, Speedster, boosts the Speed and Wrist Shot Power attributes by 4. An left winger with a good shot and 89 Speed sounds pretty good to us.

Brad Marchand

  • Team – Boston Bruins
  • Overall – 85
  • Synergy – Light the Lamp (1)

Bruins forward Brad Marchand is one of the toughest and annoying players to go up against. Marchand might not have great skating numbers, but his base card in HUT is pretty well-balanced. ‘The Rat’ has above-average puck handling attributes, and his defense and checking numbers should allow you to get in on the forecheck with Marchand, despite the fact that he’s not the most intimidating player from a physical standpoint. Overall, this isn’t an outstanding card, but Marchand should be able to do a little bit of everything.

Artemi Panarin

  • Team – New York Rangers
  • Overall – 84
  • Synergy – Light the Lamp (1)

Rangers forward Artemi Panarin had an outstanding first season on Broadway, so it’s no surprise he’s one of our picks here. While ‘The Breadman’ isn’t a body-checker by any means, Panarin’s hands attributes are among the highest you’ll find from base cards. Those ratings should not only allow Panarin to dish the puck around the ice with ease. but also be a valuable asset when attempting to poke or stick check in the defensive zone. Oh, and did we mention that Panarin has above-average skating and shooting attributes as well? The Rangers star might cost a lot, but considering what you should get out of his base card, it’s worth the price.

Other notable left wingers

Here are some other notable left wingers you might want to consider adding:

  • Chris Kreider
  • Kyle Connor
  • Johnny Gaudreau
  • Matthew Tkachuk
  • Jeff Skinner
  • Evander Kane
  • Jamie Benn

Most of the wingers above have good skating and shooting attributes. In addition, Tkachuk, Kane, Benn, and Kreider are also physical wingers that can be effective on the forecheck, if you’re in need of one of those.