Every HUT player and team synergy in NHL 21 – Full list

A full breakdown of each synergy.

Image via EA Sports

NHL 21 is here, and with it, a brand new year of Hockey Ultimate Team. There are several new features in HUT this year, as well as some returning ones. One of those returning features is player and team synergies. Synergies are, in a nutshell, chemistries that, if active, give either all cards (for team synergies) or items with that specific synergy (player synergies) a boost.

While synergies are returning to NHL 21, the types of synergies have changed. But what are these different synergies? On October 7, EA Sports, in a HUT Deep Dive article, unveiled which synergies will be in NHL 21. With that said, let’s go over each player and team synergy, plus what each one does and what is the cost for each.

Player Synergies

Here are all the player synergies in NHL 21:

Gladiator+3 to Body Checking, Defensive Awareness, Slap Show Power, and Strength4
Howitzer+3 to Agility, Slap Shot Power, Speed, and Wrist Shot Power6
Passing Playmaker+4 to Passing, Slap Shot Accuracy, and Stick Checking4
Speedster+4 to Speed and Wrist Shot Power4
Light the Lamp+3 to Balance, Handeye, Offensive Awareness, and Wrist Shot Accuracy4
Magician+4 to Agility, Deking, and Puck Control4
Thief+5 to Faceoffs and Stick Checking4
Wingman+3 to Acceleration, Passing, and Wrist Shot Accuracy4
Shutdown+3 to Body Checking, Puck Control, Shot Blocking, and Slap Shot Accuracy4
Workhorse+3 to Acceleration, Balance, Durability, and Endurance4

Team Synergies

As far as the team synergies go:

Balanced+3 to Defensive Awareness, Deking, Endurance, Puck Control, and Wrist Shot Power10
Barrage+4 to Aggression, Offensive Awareness, Slap Shot Accuracy, and Slap Shot Power10
Distributor+3 to Durability, Passing, Puck Control, and Speed10
Heart & Soul+4 to Balance, Endurance, Faceoffs, and Shot Blocking10
Spark+4 to Acceleration, Body Checking, Discipline, and Strength10
Swarm+4 to Agility, Defensive Awareness, Handeye, and Stick Checking8

Here’s a breakdown of each player and team synergy, in chart form:

Image via EA Sports

Notes on HUT Synergies

Keep in mind that in order to take advantage of a synergy, it must be activated. In order to activate a synergy, you need to pick up HUT player cards that have a specific synergy. Each player item has a cost, and this cost is indicated by the number that is next to the synergy in the Player Bio section. If the number next to a synergy is 1, for example, than that card adds one point to the cost. Put multiple players with the same synergy together, and you will be able to activate it once you meet the cost requirement.

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