Best HUT synergies to activate in NHL 21

Don’t forget about synergies.

Now that we know the full list of synergies that are in Hockey Ultimate Team this year, it’s time to analyze which ones are the best. Remember, you want to build your team according to the best synergies. Why? Adding the right players will activate synergies, thus allowing you to boost the attributes of the players on your squad. But which HUT synergies are the best in NHL 21? Let’s go over them, starting with the player synergies.

Player Synergies


The Howitzer synergy has the highest cost among player synergies, and for good reason. Howitzer gives a +3 boost to durability, passing, puck control, and the attribute that should be raised as possible, speed. Not only should synergy give your skaters that extra boost when moving up and down the ice, but it should also ensure that your passes are crisper and accurate. As far as player synergies go, this is by far and away the best one you could activate.


The Speedster synergy is not as overpowered as the Howitzer, as it only boosts two attributes: Speed and Wrist Shot Power. But with a cost of four, it’s certainly not a bad option, especially since it gives a +4 to both categories. Even though this synergy, just like the Howitzer, only boosts the attributes of players who have the Speedster, it’s still a solid option to run early on, especially if you can find some quick players to run. It is, however, limited.


The Speedster and Howitzer synergies are the only ones that boost Speed. But that doesn’t mean that those two are the only player synergies you should run. The Magician synergy gives a +4 to Agility, Deking, and Puck Control. Not only does this synergy boost one of the skating attributes, but it also should help you out with making some nice moves to beat the opposition on the ice. It’s not our first or second option, but it’s not a bad synergy either.

Those are our picks for the best player synergies. But we’re not done yet, as we now move on to the best team synergies in NHL 21.

Team Synergies

Heart & Soul

The Heart & Soul synergy is an interesting one. While the +4 to Balance and Shot Blocking doesn’t sound great, the draw here is the boosts to Endurance and Faceoffs. Since this is a team synergy, not only do the players who have this synergy get the boost; so does every card on your squad. A +4 to every centerman’s Faceoff attribute can help give you that extra edge in the circle. And don’t sleep on that Endurance boost, as it can help you get more out of your team’s shifts.


Swarm, the cheapest team synergy in NHL 21 (cost of 8) might not look the most appealing, but it should not be overlooked. Swarm gives a +4 to Agility, Defensive Awareness, Handeye, and Stick Checking. The Defensive Awareness boost should be good for your AI, and anything that raises a skating attribute should be given consideration.The Stick Checking boost, on the other hand, can help increase your turnover potential. While it might not be the sexiest synergy in the game, it can be helpful, as well as cheap to activate.


Last but certainly not the least on our list is the Distributor synergy. While the two synergies we mentioned above are effective, the Distributor is the one you need to prioritize. The Distributor gives a team-wide +3 boost to the following attributes: Speed, Passing, Puck Control, and Durability. The +3 raises to Puck Control and Durability are nice, but the focus here is the increases to Speed and Passing.

A +3 to Speed across your whole team is crucial, especially if you’re going up against a stacked roster. And if you want to make scoring plays, that boost to Passing will not only help you when it comes to cycling the puck, but also on those odd-man rushes.