Best battle pass rewards in Rainbow Six Siege Operation High Calibre

Gun for these rewards this season.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation High Calibre brings a lot to the table, including Thorn, a new Operator with a sharp, explosive gadget. However, it also adds a brand new battle pass for players to work through, including challenges for bonus Renown and much more. While it’s not as good as past battle pass rewards, we’ve covered the best ones here, so you know what to try to earn this season.

S.I.22 Soaring Flame – Tier 11

Screenshot by Gamepur

This uniform for Zofia is replicated across most Operators in the game. The variations in the style don’t change the core pattern, which is what we believe makes it worth earning this season. You may not want to aim to get it for Zofia, but you’ll find it for your favorite Operator somewhere in the battle pass this season.

Mission Blacksmith – Tier 29

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mission Blacksmith is another uniform and headgear type that you’ll see for all Operators this season. We thought that Thermite’s looked particularly good and reminded us of some of the armor you can see soldiers wearing in Battlefield 2042. If you’re after a more realistic tactical camo look, this is the style to aim for.

Hometown Shot – Tier 30

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is the first weapon skin we thought was noteworthy this season. It looks like something a hunting enthusiast would take with them on a trip each year, giving it an almost homemade feel.

Mission Blacksmith – Tier 49

Screenshot by Gamepur

As with the headgear, we can’t resist the Mission Blacksmith uniform on Thermite. If there was ever a season to push for as many rewards as possible in a battle pass, this is it.

S.I.22 Beating Heart – Tier 70

Screenshot by Gamepur

As our favorite Operator, we couldn’t leave out the S.I.22 Beating Heart uniform for Pulse. This is a variation on the other S.I.22 skins throughout the battle pass, but on Pulse, it adds something to the overall look that makes him feel more like a secret service agent on a mission to the Arctic.

Mission Blacksmith – Tier 78

Screenshot by Gamepur

This weapon skin looks like it’s been pulled directly from Rainbow Six Extraction. It’s a look we adore and want to see more of in Rainbow Six Siege moving forward.

Aethereal Flux – Tier 100

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, you can’t tell from the image, but this is an animated weapon skin, one of the first to come to Rainbow Six Siege. This was revealed during the early press events for Operation High Calibre, but the skins had to remain a secret until launch day. This is the best reward in the battle pass, so if you have the time, get to rank 100.