Best Bow build in New World

Utilize the Bow’s highest damage output build.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

The Bow is one of the most popular weapons in Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG New World. It is a versatile weapon viable in both the story quest and the PvP mode of the game. Furthermore, because the Bow is a ranged weapon, it is extremely safe to use. While there are several build paths available for the Bow, here is a comprehensive guide to the most widely used and best one.

Best Bow build

In addition to being a ranged weapon, the Bow also brings a lot of utility to the table. It is capable of dishing out AoE damage and is suitable for clearing a hoard of creatures in a short burst. The weapon scales solely of Dexterity and has two Skill Trees: Skirmisher and Hunter.

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The Skirmisher tree comprises skills that enhance crowd control, AoE damage, and overall utility. Here is a rundown of all the skills in the Skirmisher tree:

  • Poison Shot: This shoots an arrow that leaves a 3m wide poisonous cloud for 10 seconds upon hitting an enemy or surface. This is a great skill that does AoE damage over time.
  • Evade Shot: Your character will leap back 5m and shoot an arrow that deals 125% weapon damage upon using this skill. A tremendous defensive ability that can come in handy if you are looking to retaliate or reposition.
  • Rain of Arrows: This launches a barrage of arrows 7m wide that deals 150% weapon damage. The arrows also inflict bleed and slow debuff on the enemies.

Recommended active abilities: Evade Shot with Evasive Knockback, Dodge and Weave, and Go the Distance passive abilities

Recommended passive abilities: Catch Me If You Can, Evasive Tactics, Closing In, Archeer’s Speed, and Battle Precision.


Hunter skill tree is responsible for boosting the flat damage of the Bow. It consists of the following skills:

  • Rapid Shot: Your character shoots three arrows in a row. The first two arrows deal 100% weapon damage, while the last one deals 125% weapon damage. Additionally, the last arrow knockbacks foes. This skill provides the highest possible burst damage on the Bow.
  • Penetrating Shot: This shoots an arrow that deals 150% weapon damage and passes through enemies for up to 100m.
  • Splinter Shot: This shoots a single arrow that splits into three arrows after 10 meters. Each arrow deals 50% weapon damage.

Recommended active abilities: Rapid Shot with Rapid Accuracy and Final Blow passive abilities. Additionally, take Splinter Shot with Scatter Shot and Calculated passive abilities.

Recommended passive abilities: Long Range, Finishing Shot, Surprise Attack, and Bullseye.

The build mentioned above will provide the highest possible damage with the Bow in New World. Although it’s geared towards the PvP mode, it can also effectively work in story quests and expeditions.