The best 3 bows in Valheim

Hit your enemies from afar.

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There are a handful of bows you can use in Valheim. You won’t find an expansive armory available for you to use, but several choices are awaiting you as you unlock additional resources, discover more regions, and conquer the various challenges waiting for you in this harsh environment. This guide will cover the three best bows you can use in Valheim.

The best bows in Valheim

As we said, you can make only a handful of bows in Valheim. The three best ones you need to make sure you add to your collection are the Draugr Fang, Spine Snap, and Huntsman Bow.

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Draugr Fang

The Draugr Fang is a deadly choice, and it might not do as much damage as the Spine Snap, but it does come with some extra bite in the form of poison damage. Whenever you land a hit against a target, you will do Piercing damage, and a Poison tick will slowly eat away at them. It likely won’t be the death of your enemies, but it’s a good way to build up damage against them, especially in a long-winded fight.

Huntsman Bow

The Huntsman Bow is likely the weakest of these three, but it’s a solid weapon before you can make the Draugr Fang. It will be your bread and butter whenever you need to complete a corpse run and recover your body. It’s a relatively standard weapon you can make using Iron, so it doesn’t require a outrageous amount of resources. You only need a decent supply of Iron at your base to make the most of this weapon.

Spine Snap

The Spine Snap sits as the strongest bow that you can craft in Valheim following the arrival of the Mistlands biome. You will need to use Bone Fragments, Fine Wood, and Refined Eitr to create it, and unlock a Black Forge, one of the tougher final crafting tables. When you make it, similar to the Draugr Fang, the Spine Snap does Piercing damage, which will do a small amount of Spirit damage. Although the Spine Snap does more damage than Draugr Fang, the poison damage over time on the Fang seems like a better choice. That said, it will depend on what you’re fighting and if they’re weak to Spirit damage.