The best build challenges for The Sims 4

Tired of making the same buildings? Challenge yourself with something new.

The biggest draw for The Sims 4 is the freedom it gives players to create an extraordinary life for their family. The combination of content available through the base game and its many DLC packs offers limitless potential for what you make for your Sims’ home. However, it is human nature to do many of the same themes you are used to doing. If you are looking for something different, it is time to change up the way you make your house. Consider these great Sims 4 build challenges, and see what you can make with them. For a little extra inspiration, we have included videos from popular Sims YouTubers for you to look through.

8 Sims starter challenge

For this challenge, create eight different Sims (any way you want, but for a more fun experience, randomize their characteristics) and move them into any empty lot of your choice. Without the aid of any money cheats, use your money to build a house for all of these Sims to live in. Can you manage your money and space to give this group of people a happy life?

10k starter home

In this challenge, you are restricted to only having a lot and building worth at most 10,000 simoleons. This will usually leave you with one bedroom, a bathroom, and another room along with the basics you will need for them. To increase the challenge, add more Sims to the building and see them slowly lose their sanity in this less-than-ideal living situation.

Big Brother

The Big Brother challenge is based on the reality show of the same name. First, make eight Sims with varying personalities. Next, build a house with the essential basic amenities they will need (beds, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.). All outside access for the Sims must be removed from the building. Remove computers, televisions, radios, books, or anything else that will socially appease them aside from the people in the house. Make the house as big as you want and lock them in the place at all times.

When ready, let the Sims live out their new life without you affecting their choices. Reward or punish them based on their choices. If a Sim leaves food out to rot, make it their only option for a meal for a while. No matter what time they go to bed, make them wake up at 6 AM each morning. Set up rules or a voting system to decide who stays and who goes each week.

Block party

The block party challenge is a big undertaking that begins with demolishing an entire community and rebuilding it any way you see fit. Start with the smaller starter buildings and work your way up to the more enormous, expensive mansions. Ensure that at least a few community lots and a park are available for the people who will live here to socialize. This entire challenge is about creating a community from scratch the way you see fit. If you want more money, feel free to use cheat codes or go about it the usual way, although that will take much longer for not much payoff.


The dollhouse challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Either build a house or take over a pre-constructed one, but for one side of the building, completely remove any walls to give it the look of a dollhouse. For the rest of the house, it is mostly standard stuff. Make sure there are at least two stories and that every room can be reached via stairs or doors that lead towards the middle, with no doors or stairs that go towards the open section of the house.


In the fixer-upper challenge, you will be completely doing away with the interior of a building and changing it as much as possible with your budget. You are using the house’s usual structure as a starting point, so do not change up any of the exterior walls for the building, but interior walls can be changed. If you have extra money left over and add stuff to the yard, the focus is on completely changing the house’s inside to make it unrecognizable from before.

Expansion pack rooms

This challenge is relatively simple but will only work for people who like to purchase DLCs for The Sims 4. Depending on how many expansions you have, make that many different rooms in your building. For every room you have, that room should have a theme with only items from each expansion pack — no crossing over with other expansion or base game content. This will make every room unique from everything else and (purposely) out of place when compared with each other.

Goth makeover

The Goth Manor is one of the most popular buildings in The Sims and is a reoccurring theme throughout the games in the series. Everything else in the game feels too bright and cheery for some people’s taste, though. In this challenge, remake entire houses so that they are all goth-themed with dark colors, items, and more. Everything from the inside to the outside should be renovated to account for the style, with bonus points for redoing your Sims to be goth as well. Challenge yourself to make an entire goth community.

Mini-micro house

As you would expect from its name, this challenge has you make a small building for a Sim to live in. The house can only be 20×15 tiles on the inside with a maximum budget of 18,000 simoleons. You can build extra floors to the building, but it cannot pass the base floor’s size. No items can be placed outside; you will need to fit everything you own into your tiny house and survive. For added difficulty, add more Sims and do not add extra floors.

Solid color

For this challenge, every single aspect of a building has to be one color. Choose your color and make all floors, walls (interior and exterior), and any furniture only that color, no exceptions. It is a super simple idea that limits you from some items, making you consider what to include or not and find a way to get by without furniture you would typically have in a build.