Best character skins in Crucible

The best skins for every character.


Games may not hinge on their cosmetic items, but cosmetics are important in games. They bring customization and personalization to the game, letting players adapt to their personal preferences. Although still in the early stages, Crucible offers several skins for its characters. 

Like other games, skins in Crucible have tiers, some are common, uncommon, and rare. Unlike other games, these are not simple levels of rarity. The skin tiers are based on how you obtain them, through leveling, through credits, or through the battle pass. Skins earned through leveling are unlocked as you reach certain milestones, such as reaching level 60 to get a skin. These are simple recolors of the default skin. Skins earned through credits have to be purchased with in-game currency. These are the halfway point between simple recolors and more advanced skins. Battle pass skins are rewards for those that bought the battle pass. These are more creative. Crucible may be free to play, but they are pushing the microtransactions hard with these skins.

Each skin has a corresponding quote, that may add extra charm to a skin.

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Captain Mendoza – Snowbound

We’re not thrilled with Captain Mendoza’s skins. Most of them lack variety, and even the paid skins are on the bland side. Snowbound is our favorite from Captain Mendoza’s list of skins due to the use of color and variable design. It is unlocked by purchasing the battle pass.

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Summer – Fire Beast

Summer has some decent skins. Even the lower-tiered skins are visually attractive. Of the lower tiers, Hot Embers and Purple Haze are both very good. Our favorite of Summer’s skins is Fire Beast. With some cool modifications to her weapons and the use of gold and red, Fire Beast is the most interesting skin in the bunch.

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Earl – Red Flannel

Earl suffers from a similar problem as Captain Mendoza. Most of his skins are just lacking something, all feel like recolors, even the higher tiered skins. Minimal changes other than the shirt pattern and maybe his hat. They are not worth credits or the battle pass. Of all the skins, Red Flannel is the best, but that’s really not saying much.

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Tosca – Twenty-Fifth Century

Again, none of the skins stand out among the others. All of these little alien cat’s skins are bland recolors of the default design. Of all the characters, Tosca is the most in need of more variety. It’s hard to pick the best from such a mediocre skin pool, but the best is the Twenty-Fifth Century. It’s the only one that isn’t just a bland recolor with minimal changes. Not that the minor changes to the helmet make it entirely justified. Luckily, Tosca is a cute little bouncy cat, so she can get away with limited skins.

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Shakirri – Regal

Shakirri has the opposite problem as previous characters on this list. All of her skins are good. Other than Runaway, which is a battle pass exclusive skin, Regal is the best. It makes good use of shape and color to really bring visual interest. 

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Bugg – Honey Bee

Bugg is adorable, and so are the skins. Primed has the best colors of all of Bugg’s skins using white and gold as the two main colors. Of the higher tiers, Honey Bee makes the already cute robot extra cute. Honey Bee is a battle pass exclusive skin and is earned when reaching battle pass tier 65.

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Drakahl – Cold Iron Champion

Drakahl looks like one of the Zora from the Legend of Zelda series. It’s tough to get past this when looking at his skins and not seeing anything that remotely relates to it. Drakahl’s skins are neither bland nor spectacular. They are a perfectly average middle. Unfortunately, the best is Cold Iron Champion, which is only unlocked with a battle pass key.

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Rahi & Brother – Night Out

Rahi and Brother are a cute pair with some good skin options. Of the lower tier ones, the best is the Shipboard Council with a lovely gold and white pattern. Rahi and Brother’s best skin is Night Out, unlocked through a battle pass key.

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Ajdnah – Trenchdweller 

Another character that looks like she belongs in the Zora kingdom. Ajdnah has some interesting skins, but most suffer from a recolor effect, even in the highest tiers. Winedark Sea, unlocked through credits, has a beautiful red shade on it. Her best skin is Trenchdweller, which is only unlocked with the battle pass key. It really changes the design and shows the most creativity.

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Sazan – Academy 

Another character with a good amount of skin variety. The upper tiers are more than simple recolors. They might actually be worth the money if players decide to purchase them. Academy is our favorite based on design and color. It is unlocked through credits.

Don’t worry too much about skins costing credits. Each player gets 1000 credits when starting out, so you’re able to unlock one or two skins for your favorite characters.

Crucible is free to play and available now.