Best Civilizations to choose in Rise of Kingdoms

Which nation will you choose?

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Rise of Kingdoms offers eleven unique nations to choose from at the beginning of the game. Each nation supports its very own distinct building architecture style, perks, special units, and notable starting commanders. This guide will focus on the top nations to consider when deciding which one to go with, outlining key strengths and aligning them to the relevance of in-game combat and desired playstyles.

During gameplay, you can access Civilization Change for 10,000 Gems, allowing you to swap between Civilizations. This is good to keep in mind, especially if you’re finding that a nation isn’t quite working for you, and you want to mix it up and go with a different one.


If a ranged style of combat is your cup of tea, Britan has you covered. This is because archer attack buffs is increased with this selection. This fact alone can make the difference in combat, because a wave of ranged archers is best to have on your side, and not on your enemies side.

  • Archer attack increases by 5%
  • Wood gathering speed increases by 10%
  • Ally Garrison capacity increases by 20%


For new players, China is a great nation to start with. The reason being is you’ll enjoy useful building speed buffs and defensive buffs — ideal for defending cities, and playing a more fast-paced playstyle. Additionally, the Chinese Commander Sun Tzu is beginner-friendly.

  • Troop defense increases by 3%
  • Action point recovery increases by 5%
  • Building speed increases by 5%


Germany offers some nice bonuses for active based players, including increased cavalry attack and action point recovery speed; The outcome here is a highly offensive and quick nation that is well equipped for battle.

  • Cavalry attack increases by 5%
  • Troops training speed increases by 5%
  • Action Points recovery speed increases by 10%


An ideal nation to select for a PvP focused playstyle, as offensive buffs and troop training capacities are increased. Scout speed buffs are also considerably increased, but this isn’t super important. All in all, Japan is a great nation to pick if you’re looking to build a large army up quickly.

  • Troops attack increases by 2%
  • Troops training capacity increases by 5%
  • Scout march speed increases by 30%


With Rome, you’re looking at a highly durable infantry, increased march speed, and the starting commander Scipio, who is excellent for leading vast numbers of troops into battle. If you’re going for an aggressive playstyle, then Rome is a great choice.

  • Infantry defense increases by 5%
  • Troops march speed increases by 5%
  • Food gathering speed increases by 10%


For the more defensive and passive playstyles out there, Spain is the go-to. Higher defensive buffs and increases gold gathering speeds result in a nation that focuses on expanding via constant farming and gathering, as opposed to being solely offensive based.

  • Cavalry Defense increases by 5%
  • Gold gathering speed increases by 10%
  • Troops load increases by 10%