The 7 Best Costumes In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Fashion is a big part of the Resident Evil series. Here’s what we think about the outfits in Resident Evil 4: Remake.

Image via Capcom

One of the best things about the Resident Evil series is the number of zany costumes that Capcom shoves into the game. This time, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best ones in Resident Evil 4: Remake, in particular.

Capcom seems to enjoy putting their characters in all kinds of get-ups and to be frank, that’s probably been the most consistent thing in the series all of these years. I mean, even to this day, over a decade later, fans are still pining over the Sheva Tribal soundtrack in Resident Evil 5. Unfortunately, this feature is missing in the modern Resident Evil, particularly seven and eight, but it’s a trademark for the remakes. Here are seven of our picks for the best costumes in Resident Evil 4: Remake.

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7. Leon’s Jacket

Image via Capcom

That’s right, Leon’s iconic jacket has made the RE34 Remake list despite not being particularly exclusive or zany. That’s because, as we all know, this wonderful piece of leather has become iconic in its own right, thanks to plenty of cosplayers and replicas floating about. The remake does a great job of staying faithful to the spirit of the original while updating the textures for a comfier look.

6. Leon Casual

Image via Capcom

This outfit screams the 90s with its stereotypical bulkiness and patriotic USA flag adorning the rolled-up sleeves. I mean, who rolls up a bomber jacket anyway? Luckily, Leon is sporting this particular look, as he can make anything look decent—yes, even the Skecher knock-offs he’s wearing.

5. Ashley Casual

Image via Capcom

We’re not sure casual is the word most people would use to describe this one, but it’s definitely not what you’d expect in the midst of crazed human-sacrificing cultists. Unless it’s on a CD, we wouldn’t expect Ashley to be anywhere near cults, blood, and viruses at all in the RE4 Remake with this get-up. It’s still pretty unique in spite of the color coordination.

4. Ashley Romantic

Image via Capcom

We’re not sure what Capcom was going for here, but if Resident Evil 4 Remake has taught us anything, it’s that gothic/renaissance fashion is still stylish in certain parts of the world. The white hair is an interesting touch and reminds us a bit of Nero and Dante from Devil May Cry fame. Those shoes are pretty sweet as well, so there’s that.

3. Leon Romantic

Image via Capcom

Now this is more like it! Leon is putting on his best Tom Cruise’s Lestat de Lioncourt impression with this outfit. Remember when we said the romantic Ashley resembled Dante and Nero from DMC? Well, Leon is Vergil all the way with his slick hairstyle. We wish Capcom would’ve added a sword option for Resident Evil 4 Remake to complete the look.

2. Ashley Armor

Image via Capcom

A blast from the past! This particular outfit has survived the transition to Resident Evil 4: Remake and has kept all the perks associated with wearing it. Nothing beats having to not worry about Ashley being pummeled while trying to complete objectives. As for the outfit itself, we love the sleeker design, as it seems like it was peculiarly made with her in mind.

1. Leon Villain

Image via Capcom

Who would’ve thought that the greatest hero alive (in the Resident Evil universe, of course) would make such a striking villain? Well, it’s Leon, so like we mentioned earlier, you could literally throw him in a shark onesie, and it’ll become the hottest thing in the game. As for this one, we’re sure this is purposeful now, because there’s no way you can tell us that he doesn’t resemble V from Devil May Cry. What’s really cool is the feathers decorating the right sleeve, which help him channel his inner Mother Miranda.