Best Discord moderation bots

Increase your Discord games with these bots.

Image via Discord Inc.

Discord is arguably one of the most used communication applications nowadays. Originally started as an instant messaging platform for Gamers, Discord now caters to people from all walks of life. There are Discord channels for every purpose, and they are only growing in numbers. If you own a Discord channel or server and are struggling to moderate it, you might want to add one of the below-mentioned bots to your channel. These are AI-powered tools that will work on your commands and assist you in controlling your channel.


MEE6 is one of the most commonly used Discord moderation bots. It can perform a plethora of tasks and is easy to use. The bot can help in assigning roles to different members as well as kicking someone. It leaves a welcome message for users that join the server. Furthermore, interested server owners can assign manual commands and messages for the MEE6 bot by going to its official website.


Much like MEE6, Dyno is a popular moderation bot capable of performing several tasks. It can warn, mute, deafen, kick, and ban users using 35 distinct moderating bot commands. Additionally, every task performed by the bot gets recorded in the moderation log. This is a very nice feature that allows the server owner to keep track of every action performed.


If you are bored with regular moderation bots, you might want to try Tatsu. Apart from all the regular moderation features that every bot provides, Tatsu also offers games, access to Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary. Furthermore, it lets you customize welcome and goodbye messages along with different commands.