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Best Divinity: Original Sin 2 Cleric build

The best defense is a great offense.

The Cleric is one of the strongest classes in Divinity: Original Sin 2 if you build them right. They are capable front-line fighters, able to tank and absorb damage while healing and buffing their allies at the same time. A Cleric can diversify in a multitude of ways, but they take off if you focus on their ability to sustain and devastate undead forces. This guide will break down the best Cleric build in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

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The best build for a Cleric in Divinity: Original Sin 2

This class uses a lot of Physical and Water damage abilities, and has an innate bonus damage bonus to the Undead, as all Clerics do. They can cast armor buffs for yourself and your allies and can use just about every Heal in the game. This makes the Cleric a go-to frontline fighter that can carry you into the endgame challenges.

Best Cleric build attributes

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The Crystalline Cleric is the type of Cleric you need to create. This class focuses primarily on Intelligence as the primary attribute. This class is the best type to take advantage of the Necromancer and Hydrophist Skills that this build needs to succeed. The dwarf or the lizard are the best races to make a Cleric.

Once Intelligence is almost at its max, you will want to start putting some points into Wits to boost Critical Chance. The critical chance stat may seem like an odd choice for a Cleric, but this stat will help you increase your damage while Healing in the game.

Strength and constitution are the following primary stats to focus on as well. Clerics need to take hits and survive to be of any use; these stats will ensure your Cleric can equip and use the strongest armor and Original Sin 2 can offer.

Best Cleric build equipment

The Crystalline Cleric will rely on gear that provides both Physical and Magic protection, with the Physical attribute being a little more prioritized. When looking for Armour, look for any that come with Hydrosophist, Warfare, Intelligence, Wits, and Critical Chance.

We recommend using a Water Wand or any One-Handed Weapon for your Weapons. The wand will help you at the beginning of the game with an extra Ranged attack and a boost in Intelligence. A One-Handed Weapon will allow you to perform an Attack of Opportunity if you take the Opportunist Ability and give you some additional damage in close encounters.

As you progress past the early game situations, you want to aim for heavy armor, a one-handed weapon, and a powerful shield. This will grant you the ability to stand on the frontline and keep your allies safe.

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Best Cleric abilities and talents

The Ability distribution for the Crystalline Cleric build is as follows: In Act 1, aim for Hydrophist at 2, Necromancer at 2, and Warfare at 2, in that order. After that, you can alternate putting points into Hydrophist and Warfare, depending on your preference. You can also place another point into Necromancer to get Blood Storm and Grasp of the Starved, though it is not required. Then put a point into Huntsman for First Aid and two for Tactical Retreat. First Aid provides good healing, and Tactical Retreat can save your life in a battle.

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For your Talents, we recommend going with the following choices:

  • Elemental Affinity
  • Hothead
  • Living Armour
  • Savage Sortelige
  • The Pawn

Best Cleric skills and spells

The Skills needed for a Crystalline Cleric will allow you to keep your teammates and yourself alive while also dealing a good amount of damage. This is from a combination of Skills from the Hydrophist, Necromancer, and Warfare skill trees.

These are listed by their category and in the order you can learn them below:

  • Hydrophist
    • Armour of Frost
    • Rain
    • Restoration
    • Cleanse Wounds
    • Cryotherapy
    • Global Cooling
    • Healing Ritual
    • Mass Cleanse Wounds
  • Necromancer
    • Blood Sucker
    • Mosquito Swarm
    • Decaying Touch
    • Raining Blood
    • Shackles of Pain
    • Bone Cage
    • Grasp of the Starved
    • Blood Storm
  • Warfare
    • Bouncing Shield
    • Deflective Barrier
    • Phoenix Dive
    • Challenge
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These skills will allow your Cleric to remain flexible on a variety of various combat encounter. enemies with fire and flame can be doused with your water and healing magic. Undead enemies will take damage from your healing spells, ignoring their natural spell defenses in the process.

Find and equip your Cleric with some heavy armor and take advantage of the build above to create a powerful frontline healer capable of handling anything this game will throw at your party.

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