The best ethernet cables for gaming

Raise your gaming edge with these Ethernet cables.

For many gamers, reliable and effective internet is a staple for online gaming. Wireless connectivity can often feel unreliable and inconsistent, especially proven when you’re in the middle of a first-person shooter and your internet lags/drops, resulting in missing your shot or, even worse, having your in-game character completely helpless. Thus, many gamers have turned to use an Ethernet connection that guarantees consistent speed and stable connectivity.

An Ethernet cable plays an essential role in supporting a strong network connection and should not be overlooked when striving for a seamless online gaming experience. Although LAN cables are simple in design, they still have build characteristics that classify themselves among one another. For this reason, this guide will take you through the top Ethernet cables for gaming, with an emphasis on speed, frequency, durability, and build quality – all critical factors for supporting online gaming.

CableGeeker Cat 7 Shielded Ethernet Cable

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Solid performance, speed, and reliability are the main aspects of the CableGeeker Cat 7. These characteristics make it a perfect pairing for small area networks that include multiple bandwidth-hungry devices, such as gaming routers and gaming consoles. It is also purchasable in bundles of six cables that come in various colors. The build construction entails 32AWG conductor gauge, gold plated contacts, and copper wiring, making it very capable of demanding usage.

Canachoice Cat8 Ethernet Cable

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This Ethernet cable’s best aspects include incredibly high speeds, heavy-duty quality, and high-performance usage, making it perfect for connecting your gaming systems with it. Cat8 cables reduce interference and noise that degrades the signal quality due to its build quality. It’s also shielded with UV-resistant PVC, which can withstand the weather elements while still working efficiently.

Glanics Cat8 Ethernet Cable

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The CAT8 offers high speed wired networking for various computing needs. The Cat8 provides a 10-100 foot length to provide usage for gaming areas such as LAN events. Combining a high internet speed with this cable and you can experience the potential of it’s 40gb/s max speed.

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

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This cable can support Cat6, Cat5e, and Cat 5 standards. Its speed supports up to 10 Gbps and up to 550 MHz of frequencies, which results in seamless connectivity. The build construction is also high quality; sporting gold plated RJ 45 connectors, which means these cables are built to last.

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