Best Expedition deck strategies in Legends of Runeterra

Set out for the best expedition with these decks.

Expeditions are one of the most fun modes in Legends of Runeterra. Taking a random assortment of cards and trying to build the best deck is enjoyable, but at the same time, can be quite difficult. With all of the different possibilities of card packs, you may not know how to build the most powerful deck. While you can’t count on every card being the one you want, here are some deck types that can model your own expedition. 

Can’t kill what you can’t see

The first type that will help you succeed is abusing the elusive keyword. Elusive followers, and champions, cannot be attacked unless challenged, or blocked by another elusive character. Building up a board of elusive followers will allow you to have free damage placed on the enemy nexus. Ionia has the greatest amount of elusive followers. Even if you don’t have a large amount of elusive followers, picking up the card, Young Witch, can greatly increase your board strength with a guaranteed quick attack support every time you have an attack token. 

Elusive followers you want to grab from Ionia are, Greenglade Duo, Kinkou Lifeblade, Navori Conspirator, Young Witch, and Shadow Assassin. Keep in mind you will also want to have cards that buff your elusive followers. While the keyword is strong on its own, you will need a bit more help to fully actualize this deck’s potential, especially picking up high health units to help prevent too much damage to your nexus.

Massive Numbers

Another strategy when it comes to earning wins in expeditions, is just throwing down as many followers as possible and betting on your opponent not having a full board clear, they most likely won’t anyway. Bringing on a massive force on your side of the board will lead players to the Shadow Isles. The Shadow Isles, with cards like Kalista, who revives fallen followers every attack, and Hecarim, who summons a daunting amount of followers, is a perfect region for expeditions. 

The goal is to summon an infinite army of Mistwraiths, who become stronger every time they are summoned. Some essential cards for this deck are Stalking Shadows, Chronicler of Ruin, Risen Mists, and Wraithcaller. These will all help you continuously summon more and more Mistwraithes. 

Witness True Strength

Sometimes you can win by just hitting the enemy really hard. This is the simplest archetype when it comes to expeditions by building up a roster of strong followers from Demacia and Freljord. Demacia offers a wide range of followers with strong base stats and toughness. Tough enemies can be a large hurdle to overcome in expeditions, which is exactly why you want to have them in your deck.

On the flipside, Freljord is where you will build up your Overwhelm characters. Comibining a force of tough and overwhelming units will ensure that enemies will be able to break passed your blockade or stop your attack. The best champions for this assault are Garen and Tryndamere, while the units you want to invest in are Scarmaiden Reaver, Alpha Wildclaw, They Who Endure, Vanguard Cavalry, and Vanguard Defender. These should be the main choices, if you can get your hands on them.

Never run out of cards

Sometimes a player may run out of cards to play simply because their deck doesn’t have any card replenishment or drawing capabilities. A deck focusing on invoke will never have that problem. Using invoke will always keep your hand full and will allow you to pull out spells or minions that are perfect for whatever situation you are in.

Champions that you want to pick up for this deck type are Zoe, due to her infinite creation of Supercool Star Chart, and Aurelion Sol. You may also want Leona or Diana since daybreak and nightfall cards go hand in hand with invoke. Followers you will want to include are The Traveler, Lunari Priestess Solari Priestess, Moondreamer and Mountain Dreamer.

While these are cards players will want to shoot for, sometimes you will be forced to pick other options. One recommendation is to stay away from champions like Swain or Gangplank because it will be incredibly difficult to form their level up and win conditions without a deck dedicated to those champions.