The best food and items to farm in Minecraft

Make it so you don’t have to go so far.

Image via Mojang

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After you become more established in a Minecraft world, it is pretty common for you to not want to go out of your way to acquire certain resources. At some point, you need to decide when putting the time and effort into getting an item that you have acquired hundreds of times before is not as worth it as it used to be. Instead, you will want to set up a farm that can give you large sums of that item in a short time. Here are the best farms you can setup for food and other items in Minecraft.

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Best items to farm in Minecraft

There are quite a few useful farms you can find on the internet in Minecraft. All of them have their uses; the biggest factor is whether or not you want to put in the work to build them. Sculk farms are a great way to get a quick boost of experience. If you are looking to enchant a lot of items, this is a farm that we highly recommend making so you can draw in the orbs quickly.

Additionally, if you are in need of Lava, you can turn it into a renewable resource that lets you continually gather it for whatever needs you have. All you need is a Cauldron, Pointed Dripstone, and some gathered Lava. Place the Cauldron and put a block with the Dripstone beneath it directly above it. Create a bowl shape above that block and place the Lava. Over time, more Lava will drip down into the Cauldron, letting you gather it and keep your Furnaces heated for a long time.

For food, the best items we recommend making a farm with are Steak and Porkchops. To do this, gather at least a couple of Cows and Pigs and put them in a fenced-in area so they don’t escape. When you have at least a couple of each, feed them some Wheat to make them go into love mode and spawn more Cows and Pigs. Eventually, you will have a bunch in the area that you can slay to get a stack of meat at one time. Just make sure always to leave at least two standing so you can build up your numbers again. They will refill your Hunger Bar substantially for how easy it is to get them.

Of course, making a farm with Wheat is also encouraged. If you are regularly keeping up with it and expanding over time, you will have a large field of Wheat you can use to feed your Cows and Pigs, and create other foods if you need them.