How to make Lava a renewable resource in Minecraft

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For the longest time, Lava has been a resource in Minecraft that griefers use to burn down the world, or other players use it for smelting the resources they have mined. Regardless of your uses for Lava, the problem has always been that it has always been a finite resource. Eventually, you would run out and need to go looking for a pool again. Fortunately, that has all changed with the first Cliffs and Caves update in Minecraft, bringing with it a whole new way to turn Lava into a renewable resource. Here is how to do it.

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How to turn Lava into a renewable resource in Minecraft

To make an infinite source of Lava, you need to acquire Pointed Dripstone and a Cauldron. You can potentially buy it from a Wandering Trader or come across it in Dripstone Caves. Whenever you come across it, gather it and take it home.

To start, find a location where you want to place your Cauldron. Above that needs to be your Pointed Dripstone hanging from a non-flammable block. Make sure all blocks in the surrounding area are safe from catching on fire. Now place a Lava source block above the block that the Pointed Dripstone is hanging from and box it in with more non-flammable blocks.

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With the above in place, your Pointed Dripstone will slowly drip Lava into the cauldron below. As time goes by, it will eventually fill with Lava while not taking anything away from the Lava block above. While the process to fill the Cauldron will be slow, you will have a completely renewable and reusable source of Lava at the tips of your fingers. Set up multiple of these configurations to make it so you never need to worry about gathering Coal for your Furnaces again.