The 10 best free Nintendo Switch games (2020)

There are a ton of games available on the Nintendo Switch, but a select few are completely free to play and just as enjoyable.

Photo by Andrew Te/Creative Commons

The Nintendo Switch sports a heft library of games to choose from, and we all lament Nintendo’s propensity to keep their games at full price. But what you may not know is that there are still plenty of games you can download without paying a cent.

You can’t find a better deal than massive entertainment for nothing, and that’s what every single one of these games gives you. They all prove that you don’t need to break the bank to get your gaming fix.


Image via Nintendo

An absolutely delightful fighting game that gives you tons of content for nothing. While you can unlock more characters through microtransactions, you don’t have to spend anything and still get your enjoyment from the game. The gameplay is great whether you’re playing with your friends or alone.


Image via Nintendo

While often described as Monster Hunter-lite, Dauntless is more than just a clone. Yes, the goal is to take on all kinds of creatures to get the right material to build armor, weapons, and more; the ties to Monster Hunter are obvious.

But this free game offers a much more accessible version of that game and gives it its own, fresh spin. It takes the formula and makes it its own for you to enjoy.

DC Universe Online

Image via Nintendo

For those MMO fans out there, this is the game for you. Giving you the chance to create your own hero, or villain, to be mentored by an iconic character of your choice, the free-to-play game has so much for you to do. Explore classic locations, interact with your favorite characters, and build your superhero legend.

Fallout Shelter

Image via Nintendo

This management simulator originally came out to build the hype for Fallout 4 and it hasn’t lost any of its charm in the year since. You can download it in your Switch for no cost and have a blast filling out your own Vault-Tec Vault with characters that only a Bethesda game could have. The writing is funny, the gameplay is addicting, and the game is unabashedly Fallout.


Who hasn’t played this phenomenon yet? Yes, Fortnite is available for you to play on-the-go with your Switch, and it doesn’t make very many compromises to do so. It still plays great, there is a huge community, and you can do it all wherever you want.

You can hop in right now and enjoy the Nexus War event going on right now.


Image via Nintendo

This Overwatch clone shouldn’t be written off just for being heavily-inspired by Blizzard’s competitive gem. Paladins offers a big cast of characters to play as, each giving you different abilities and play-styles and it gives you that competitive feel, all for free.

Pokemon Quest

Image via Nintendo

We have to put a Pokemon game on here, even if it strays from the typical Pokemon formula. This light-hearted game has you managing a camp on Tumblecube Island, where you must work through the island’s levels to beat the Pokemon around you.


Image via Nintendo

This free-to-play MOBA has been getting a steady stream of content for years, a big reason why so many players love to play it. Playing as all kinds of mythological characters and figures even does some good to engage our more historical sides. It’s a good time that doesn’t ask anything of you, unless you want to spend money.

Tetris 99

Image via Nintendo

Combining Tetris with the battle royale genre sounds like something that would need some kind of black magic, but Tetris 99 pulls it off. Pitting you against other players around the world, you have to be on your game to keep your blocks low, while sending annoyances to your opponents. It’s the best kind of frantic, chaotic fun.


Image via Nintendo

A games-as-a-service juggernaut, Warframe was first released in 2013 and worked its way up to many gamers’ go-to grind. Take on tons of missions to kit out your suit, meet all kinds of enemies and NPC’s, and don’t pay anything to do so. With the recent Heart of Deimos update, now is the perfect time to dive in.