The 10 best Minecraft mods

Change the game.

Image via Mojang

While Minecraft offers you unlimited amounts of content through its world generation and regular updates, sometimes you want to see something that currently is not possible in the game. If you are on PC, you have likely considered using mods that you have seen on YouTube or in other spots of the community. Here is a list of our favorite mods that we think you should look into.

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The 10 best mods to try on Minecraft

Additional Structures

Image via Additional Structures


As you might guess from the name, this mod adds more structures to the world around you as you explore. When in deserts, you can come across small temples, find random snowmen in snowy biomes, and camps situated out in the wilderness. This mod does not make Minecraft a completely different experience, but it definitely freshens up your exploration if you feel it is getting stale.



If Redstone creations are not enough for you, the Create mod takes engineering to a whole new level. It adds a bunch of new machinations to help you do many things you normally can not in the game. This is likely not for everyone, but if you consider yourself to be a tinkerer, this is one of the best mods for you to play with.

Enchantment Descriptions

Image via Enchantment Descriptions


We think enchantments are an essential tool to take advantage of in Minecraft. However, there are many available, and they can be easy to forget. This mod adds a description underneath each enchantment so you always know what they do.

Ice and Fire: Dragons

Image via Ice and Fire: Dragons


Dragons — do we need to say anymore? This mod adds fire, ice, and lightning dragons that you can tame and have follow you. Dragons aren’t the only beasts added, as many mythical creatures like trolls, flying sea serpents, hydras, cyclops, and more are also incorporated into the world.

 Just Enough Items

Image via Just Enough Items


Just Enough Items is a great tool for Survival players who are tired of looking up crafting recipes on their browser while playing and don’t like the in-game recipe book. It is super easy to use, appearing on the right side of the screen whenever you pull up your inventory. Just scroll through the items or search for the specific one you want to find out what you need.



MineColonies completely changes Minecraft into being a real-time strategy game focused on building a community. You lead a community that is filled with NPC Builders, Fishers, Miners, Bakers, Smelters, and more as you adapt to the surroundings around you and attempt to hold off raids from barbarians.



OptiFine is a mod that optimizes Minecraft to run HD textures and have a better framerate. It does not change the game; it just makes it look much better than before and allows you to customize how much better it looks.

Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 – Food Core

Image via Pam’s HarvestCraft 2


Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 is a set of four separate mods to expand your Minecraft experience. This one focuses on adding a lot more food to the table and cooking tools if you want to be a real blocky cuisine master. If you also play on Bedrock Edition, you can find custom Pam’s HarvestCraft maps in the Minecraft Marketplace.


Image via RLCraft


If you prefer hardcore survival experiences, RLCraft turns Minecraft into that. Not only do you need to worry about your hunger, but you need to maintain your thirst and temperature, you no longer heal from food, and it is generally made to be an unfair experience that will test your resolve.

Twilight Forest

Image via Twilight Forest


Twilight Forest changes Minecraft into a pure adventure game. You will journey through dungeons, searching for treasure and loot and fighting bosses like a traditional dungeon crawler.