The best guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Load in with the best loadout.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

In every Call of Duty there are a multitude of weapons for you to choose from, but of course, a select few reign supreme. Here are the best guns of every type in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Best Assault Rifle

While Treyarch brought back a fan favorite rifle of the FAMAS with the FFAR1, it is actually the newcomer, the Krig 6 that has taken the community’s top spot. Offering a high firepower, speed, rate of fire, and accuracy, the Krig 6 has everything an AR player would need.

Best SMG

In this case, you can’t beat the classics. The MP5 has been a staple in the Call of Duty series since the first Modern Warfare and it continues to be a powerhouse. The speed and firepower coming from this weapon is unmatched in close quarters scenarios. Offering 4 magazines from the base model you will have no trouble running the map with this SMG.

Best LMG

LMGs are weapons that usually take a backseat to the high octane gameplay of Call of Duty. One Light Machine Gun, however, stands above the rest and that is the Stoner 63. The Stoner offers the highest speed among all other LMGs and packs an incredible punch. While you may not be able to patrol the map as quickly, you will certainly be able to outrun and outgun anyone with an RPD or M60.

Best Sniper Rifle

Sometimes you start out with the best piece of hardware and this is certainly the case with the Pellington 703. With a ‘chest up’ kill zone and the fastest ADS of all of the sniper rifles, this weapon cannot be beat. Some players have utilized the speed that comes with the Pellington to actually roam the map with a red dot sight, getting one shot kills on anyone who attempts to challenge them. Offering better speed than any other sniper, the Pellington is a quickscoper’s best friend.

Best Tactical Rifle

Tactical Rifles are a new addition to the game. While there is a new array of rifles to pick from, the best one ended up being one CoD fans have a long history with, the M16. With a 1 burst kill, this weapon is clearly superior to any other tactical rifle available. If the damage wasn’t enough, the accuracy is one of the highest of all rifles, comparable to Cold War’s sniper rifles. As long as you mind the recoil and have controlled bursts, the lobby will fall to this master crafted weapon.

Best Secondary


The Diamatti is a throwback for fans of Modern Warfare 2’s Raffica burst fire pistols. In a pinch this will save you without any problems. Even if you miss one burst, the fire rate will allow you to make these mistakes as the second one is coming in no time.


The Gallo SA12 is more like a primary than a secondary, however, if you’re looking to own close-quarters-combat with your secondary, this is the weapon to do it. The high fire rate and damage range on the Gallo makes it an incredibly tough weapon to counter and the better of the two shotguns, simply because you do not have to pump in between shots.


The RPG-7 is a classic launcher secondary that can be utilized in any situation. From clearing rooms to destroying vehicles, there is no other launcher that is as accurate and versatile as the old reliable RPG.