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Best helmets in Escape from Tarkov

Don't lose your head.

In a game where headshots are the difference between life and death, Tarkov players can sometimes find helmets to be the most important gear in the game. Now, not all players agree with that, but those that do care a lot for their caps and want the best options available. So, let’s gather up the top headgear out there to help you escape from Tarkov.

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Crye Precision AirFrame helmet

While not the most durable option, this class 4 helmet still has its charms. After all, despite being up in ranks, it has one of the best ratios between durability and downsides. For example, unlike many top helmets, it doesn’t decrease movement speed. It otherwise has 40 durability, .88kg weight, and protects the head and nape. However, it also comes with a -3% turn speed, and -3 Ergonomics. Many other top helmets have these same problems or worse, though (they just come with even better positives).

Rys-T bulletproof helmet

This class 5 helmet protects the head, nape, and ears, something that many Tarkov players like to rave about. It has high durability of 50 and is one of the best protective headgear in the game. Though, it does come with heavy downsides. The high sound reduction, -4 Ergonomics, -3% movement speed, and -6% turn speed are all serious considerations that come with it. It also is fairly lightweight (2.5kg).

Altyn assault helmet

At its bare bones, the Altyn is great because it’s the Rys-T on a budget. It protects the same head, nape, and ears, and is similarly rough on a player’s movement (but worse). Using the Altyn, you have to deal with a painful -7% movement speed, -17% turn speed, -6 Ergonomics, and 4kg weight. However, its coverage and durability still make it one of the best choices in the game (and less expensive than some of these other top picks).

Vulkan-5 heavy helmet

Hands down, this is the most durable helmet in the game, with a 55 score and impressive nape, head, and ear coverage. It’s an armor class 6, the highest you can have, so it has some great plus sides, like its 4.5kg weight for its value. However, its downsides are fierce. It doesn’t have a full face shield, only a visor, as well as high sound reduction, -7% movement speed, -20 Ergonomics, and a painful -33% turn speed. If you want the best protection in the game, buy the Vulkan, but if you don’t think the movement prices are worth it, check out any of the other great helmets.

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