Best Legacy Boons in State of Decay 2

Take advantage of these if you have unlocked them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

State of Decay 2 is a game that wants you to play through the Campaign multiple times to get as much enjoyment out of the game as possible. Finishing a playthrough will require you to promote a leader, kill all Plague Hearts, and complete your leader’s legacy missions. Once you do that, the next time you start a community, you can select that leader’s Legacy Boon. Here are the best Legacy Boons in State of Decay 2.

When you start up a new community after completing a Campaign playthrough, you will be able to choose up to two Legacy Boons. These will give your community benefits for completing the game with different leaders. The Boons are restricted to the difficulty you completed them on, so you can’t complete a Standard run and use that Boon on Nightmare.

Since you can only choose two of the four Legacy Boons, we recommend using the Builder and Trader choices. The Builder Boon, also called Amenities, gives your base water and electricity for free. No Outposts or lots that traditionally give you them need to be claimed, and there is no Fuel cost. It also will follow you to whatever base you move to. Especially if you are making a long-term community, this Boon is a must.

As for the Trader Boon, or Favors, you will be visited by a friendly enclave and be given a free 4,000 Influence after settling your first base. The 4,000 Influence is a really nice boost to being able to purchase whatever items you need in the beginning, or you can save it up for the future.

While we recommend the Builder and Trader Boons, the Warlord and Sherriff Boons are not bad by any means. Warlord gives you a bunch of weaponry after settling your first base, and Sherriff will have people give you supplies every day. Both of these can be easily obtained anyway by scavenging, but you are fine going with Warlord and Sherriff if you don’t have the other two available.