Best loadout for the Hauer 77 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

This is my boomstick!

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If you are looking to make a strong beginning in any Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies game, you want to bring in a weapon with a lot of power. Shotguns take up this role better than any other weapon class in Zombies. They provide a quick burst of damage that is great for taking down any enemy quickly, even elite zombies. The Hauer 77 is one of those shotguns that stands out in the game mode. If you are looking to get the most out of the Hauer, here is the best loadout you should equip when you max out its weapon level.

The Hauer 77 can have up to five attachments in its loadout at a time. With this restriction in mind, we will be avoiding any optics (it’s a shotgun, so no use for a sight) and will not put on any handle. Your Hauer will have nearly a full bar in firepower with the below attachments, and being a shotgun is still useful in the speed, accuracy, and ammo areas.

Infantry V-Choke

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The first attachment to use is the Infantry V-Choke in the Muzzle section. It gives your Hauer a massive 70% tighter spread when you are aiming down the sight so that you can direct your damage directly to critical areas easier. This concentration of damage is huge for using against stronger enemies like Manglers and Megatons.

25.2” Task Force

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With the Infantry V-Choke concentrating our damage in one area, we want to boost the overall power of the Hauer 77 even more with the 25.2” Task Force in the Barrel section. The shotgun gains a 50% damage boost from this attachment, but at the cost of losing 13% effective damage range. While you need to get a little closer to send a full shot into an enemy, the power buff is worth it.

Ember Sighting Point

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On the body section, we want to attach the Ember Sighting Point to help out the Hauer 77’s accuracy a bit. With this attachment, you gain a 30% buff to your hip-fire accuracy, meaning you can rely on it more without needing to aim down the sight in crucial situations, and you get extra salvage drops to help upgrade the gun’s damage tiers at the Arsenal. You will get a slight decrease in your sprint to fire time and aim down sight time, but these changes will feel minimal in the game.

STANAG 8 Rnd Tube

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With shotguns, we want to have as many shots as possible without needing to reload, so for that reason, we equip the STANAG 8 Rnd Tube in the Magazine section. When you Pack-a-Punch your Hauer 77, you will have 16 shots in each full reload, with each shell reloaded, replenishing four shots at a time. Being hand-reloaded, the reload will take longer, but when you have Speed Cola, this negative is not felt at all.

No Stock

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Our final attachment comes in the Stock section, where we choose No Stock to give our Hauer a nice speed boost. You lose 15% hip-fire accuracy with this option but gain 40% in your spring to fire time. It easily makes up for the loss as you will be able to turn around and fire at any group of zombies piling up behind you and get away quicker.