Best Places to Loot in Scum | Location Guide


The world of SCUM is huge and can be daunting to navigate for players.

Food and water are scarce and, if you don’t even know where to look in the first place, the chances of your character dying within the first few minutes are pretty grim.

Depending on what you are looking for, the best looting spots will differ. If you are stocked up on firepower, you aren’t hoping to stumble across a bunch of guns. To help reduce the stress and wasted, precious minutes, we have created this handy guide to point you in the direction.

Weapon spots

If you are looking to hop in, find a weapon, and mow down other players, then the airfield and certain military areas are your best places to find munitions. We have listed all the areas where weapons could be found on the map above with a red spot.

There are also a few underground bunkers that can be discovered at the ends of some roads which have no major structures. These spots are highlighted in light green on the map above.

Be warned: These places are usually full of other players looking to take out fresh spawns, as well as a host of mechanized robots that will kill on sight.

You can also sometimes find weapons in police stations in towns (shown below), which are less likely to have rivals roaming around them. Be aware of the potentially huge zombie presence that these towns have.

Resource spots


If food is what you need, then one of the many rural towns may have a farm that you can search for crops. There are also plenty of berry bushes scattered around the map for you to forage.

There are wild animals roaming the lands as well if you have the weapons to take them down. These animals are usually found in forests or grassy plains, away from towns and structures.

Water spots

Water is a more scarce resource and, depending on where you are located, can be a struggle to secure. There are a few small lakes located in the corners of the map and can be seen by their bright blue coloring. The main pool of water you might want to head towards is the one in C2, which is next to a town. That town that can also provide good shelter from potential threats.

Most of the areas that should have food and water, among other resources, can be seen on the map above as a yellow dot.